December 24, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas is exhausting, frustrating and unexplicably exasperating, but it has it's good sides too!
This is a snippet from two videos of me playing Santa. The convultions at the beginning of the vid is me taking a magic pill so I can speak Japanese to the kids.The second part is my big entrance. In the end of it all, It's a time to make the children happy


Sister Spikey Mace said...

That's so cool that you do that. Also cool that you speak Japanese. Gonna have to dig into the archives and find the post where you explain why you're in Japan.

The Grunt said...

That was great, NYD. It actually looks like real fun. I think I would get a kick out of playing Santa Grunt for kids someday.

P.S. You got a line on some of those magic pills? I think it would be awesome to speak Japanese.

J. Gandolfini said...

I thought it was the most adorable video ever recorded. Just wish I could have seen the whole video and not just moments of it. God we miss you so much and seeing you making the children happy made me so proud of you. Can't wait to see more if possible. You're so wonderful it makes me cry.

NYD said...

Sister Mace - Welcome to my blog. I've only once alluded as to how I ended up as a misplaced man. I'll consider devoting an entire post to it. very complicated story.

Grunt - You really should try it, being Santa is a blast. As for the pills well you can get them but you gotta take them for a couple of years before they take effect.

Gandolfini - thanks. I'll be around to pick up my Oscar in the near future. Stay tuned. Now that I figured out how to get my vids on the web you'll be seeing more.