December 26, 2006

Get thee to a publican

Well if you're reading this, congratulations! You've officially survived another Christmas. For bravery in the line of fire and great intestinal fortitude you are to be commended.

So how do you share the horror stories with others and compare scars? Well just get your butt down to the nearest pub and celebrate Boxing day!
I really miss going down to my local watering hole and spending the afternoon with my friends getting plastered and shooting pool. Of course the English would complain about American beer and the lack of a proper snooker table, but all in all they managed to get shitfaced too.
I, as an American didn't know crap about this day until a roommate told me all about it. Now I'm dying to introduce it to the Japanese, but I don't think it will fly. Drinking in the middle of the day is somewhat looked down upon unless you are riding the bullet train or out skiing for the day. Bars ain't even open before sundown so it would be tough finding a place that sold you something stronger than a beer. Either way I'm gonna head out after work and find some ex-pats to share stories with and tell tall tales of my exploits under the rising sun.

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