December 02, 2006

Three women

As I write this I am in the middle of a dinner party. I promised my wife that I would prepare a full course dinner and act as chef, waiter and bartender for her friends.
I'm exausted! I spent the entire afternoon cooking my ass off and now I'm sitting back taking a break, trying to recover from all the exertion.
Girls can be noisy. That's an understatement and this group has gathered together to blow off some steam. Which means that I'm gonna have to get back to the party to serve more liquor.
I have always been amazed at the amount of food women can eat when there are no other men around and they are free to be themselves.
The speed of their conversation is lightning fast and the topic changes at a fantstic rate, challenging my language skills.
I am puzzled at the amount of things these girls have kept bottled up inside them day after day. One would be stunned to find out that behind their smiling exteriors was a pit of seething resentment. Their complaints seem endless and I feel sorry for the target of their tongue lashing.
I wonder if my wife might have added a few things about me if I hadn't been around as their slave for the evening.
Hmmmm, maybe it's better not to know.

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