January 24, 2007

I just don't get it??

It's the middle of January fer chrissake!Where's the snow!!
I'm getting cabin fever without being snowed in!!!
I'm looking out my window this morning and I'm thinking to my self "Tony the tiger puts more frosting on one of his flakes." I've been reading about snowstorms in the most unlikely places, but here in the "snow country" we don't have any. I went for a drive over the weekend and even when going through the mountain passes the roads were clear. This is really messing up my head. I was really looking forward to doing some snowboarding this winter. Last year we had tons of snow but I had just gotten knee surgery and couldn't walk much less ride. Seems like my timing's all screwed up.


These are a couple snaphhots of something we did at the school last week. The student's spent an entire day with the staff and instructors. We all went to a local TV studio and the kids got a chance to see what TV looks like from the inside out. This is a great program and I had a lot of fun, but I'm sure glad we only do it four times a year.


Scary Monster said...

Me thinks you got a great job NYD!!! what a fabulous way to spend the day.

Hale McKay said...

I agree with Scary. THat was a great day - especially for the kids.

Still no snow to speak of here - the last as I posted was just a dusting. But we have slipped into a deep freeze. Brrr! 5 degrees today.

Re your previous post: I know what you are going through. I can think of no harder thing I have tried than to quit smoking. (For me quitting drinking was easy, so I did that first knowing I still had to battle with smoking.

Unfortunately, I enjoy smoking too much to have had any success so far. Someday ....

The Grunt said...

You can some of my snow.