February 19, 2007

A Change in style

Looking back on my older posts I discovered that I wrote more about the things that made life here quirky and different from life in North America. Those posts were fun to write and they offered the reader something more interesting than just another "diary Blog," which I'm afraid this place has become. I will continue to write about myself and my wife 'cause that is somewhat unavoidable, but I'd also like to get back to doing the silly and informative stuff that made me want to blog in the first place. Unfortunately, I am so darned busy, that I will only be able to manage to post once a week or so. Hope you enjoy....

We all go shopping. It's a necessity.
You go to the supermarket and pick up the stuff you need without too much thought about the items you are choosing. After living here for so long the mystery of finding what I want has disappeared and I stroll through the aisles unconcerned about the labels in Japanese, which once caused me many problems; I'll talk about those in the next post. What throws me for a loop is the English I encounter. I generally don't look for inane examples of strangely written phrases; there are plenty of sites around already devoted to unearthing the bizarre and wacky world of Japlish. Yesterday while Crispy and I were picking out groceries, products kept jumping out at us and making us laugh. Thought I'd share them with you.

You Can't have this, It's My bread!

Tiramisu cakes are the "in" things

A bag of all natural cookies featuring ...Cocktail sand?

This is one for Ripley's...A diet drink

I just couldn't buy this for my kitty. Do I open the bag for her or throw it at her.

Finally for those who remember the lonely nights of studying without any friends to talk to....


Izzy said...

Never ... never seranade a girl with a translated version of a latin song... Literal translations are never a good thing.

That writing pad memo is too funny.

Tampatsun said...

Cat Smack LOL
Funny stuff!!!

Scary Monster said...

More! Stomp!

More!! Stomp!!

More!!! Stomp!!!

More!!!! Stomp!!!!

Serena Joy said...

That is the funniest thing I've seen all day. Made me LMBO. The Tiramisu cakes look like -- Ho-Hos! And who wouldn't want to have a nice package of Cocktail Sand washed down with a Bagass? I don't even know what to think about the Cat Smack -- what a dilemma, trying to figure out what to do with it.

The Grunt said...

Cat Smack? I'm just wondering if I want a junkie for a pet.

I have always wanted to befriend a legal pad...someday perhaps.

NYD said...

Tampatsun. Welcome. leave us a link so I can visit.

Scary. ok ok I know you miss Japan...

Serena. Glad you joined in for the laughs. Will be posting more stuff as soon as I can.

Grunt. LMAO!!! I must be way too far away from home not to have seen the "smack" thing right off. I need a vacation.

leelee said...

Those are great....BIG SMILES this morning..

Cat Smack...lol

C said...

WOW!!! LOL! Glad I found this blog! This post makes me miss my teaching days in Japan. Gotta love that Engrish written on everything! Love it! :)