February 25, 2007

Movie Memories

Checking in with all the people that I have come to know through blogging and some newcomers to my sites I have discovered some really interesting people out there. I want to take a moment and welcome both Serena and leelee to my sites and thank them for the nice comments they have left. Will try to get the link love workin after I finish this post.

Grunt wrote a great post about his ancestors and my friend Scary monster asked a good question about how movies affect us and which ones did the trick.

I have a movie memory that goes back quite a ways. It involved my grandma taking me to the movie Tommy. Grandma Sylvie was the first person to teach me about the egg cream, How to deal with public nuisance and recalcitrant sales people. She wasn't the nicest of ladies, but she treated me well. One day she offered to take me to the movies and I chose Tommy. I had listened to the album that my sister had bought and thought the music was rapturous. Obviously I didn't understand what the rock opera was about, but I just had to see this movie.
If you are a fan of the who and have seen the movie for yourself, you will quickly realize that it probably would have better if I had asked her to take me to see one of the Benji movies.

A 65 year old Jewish woman watching Ann Margaret rolling around in baked beans is hard to imagine, but Tina Turner as the Acid Queen and Keith Moon as uncle Ernie were the capper. She started cursing the screen in Yiddish and left me to watch the movie alone. "I'll be waiting in the lobby, when this cockamamie garbage is done you come out and I'll take you home."
My brother and sister couldn't believe it when they heard about it. "Didn't you know what the movie was about?" They laughed their asses off thinking about our grandmother watching the pinball wizard. They have never let me forget about it either.
She never took me to another picture after that, but we did have plenty of fun going other places. Mainly department stores


Scary Monster said...

Good story there NYD. Me can't believe you took your granny to see that movie. Me wonders how it affeted her life. LOL

leelee said...

Ok this is a great story...your Bubby isn't living here in South Florida now is she?? She sounds like many ladies I meet in my daily travels down here..it's just like living in NY at times. Love this.

Speaking of Tommy..which is wonderful BTW. When the Play toured..my friend and I went to see it in Ft Lauderdale. Sitting next to me was a man of a certain age who much have had season tickets..because I found it hard to believe he was there specifically to see Tommy. The Music was loud and rocking and I was thouroughly enjoying it, afterall this was MY Music.. The overture was not even over and I look to see the "man of a certain age" fast asleep...AMAZING...He woke periodically and took some of the story in...and obviously he woke when See me, feel me, touch me was one..then he would nod off again ..well towards the end of the show..he fianlly wakes up (he was actually snoring) and says to his wife..."Can He See yet???"

I just couldn't believe it.

Thanks for the acknowledgement NYD, I am honored.

Serena Joy said...

LOL, NYD. 'Tommy' isn't exactly a granny movie, which is what makes this such a great story. I would love to have seen the look on her face. I know my grandma had "looks," and The Look was enough to instill terror in wayward children.:)

NYD said...

Hey SJ just got back from visiting your new site. I believe that I will have to very careful of my spelling in the future lest I become fodder for your TLs.

leelee~ I can understand how someone can fall asleep at a rock opera. Believe it or not I once fell asleep at an AC/DC concert in your neck of the woods (the Medowlands)

Serena Joy said...

No worries, NYD. TLs are harvested only from sites most people don't even know about.

The Grunt said...

That is an awesome story, NYD, and I know exactly what you mean. One time my granpa Vern took my brother and I to a park for lunch. Well, he hadn't been to this park in a long time and since had become a real freak village. I remember him pulling up in his Plymouth and there were two guys making out on the grass (freaks to him). It was just weird to be a kid with my grandpa and be sitting there watching to men going at it, then to hear my grandfather start to curse them, much like your grandmother did...only not in yiddish.

NYD, have you checked out the madness of Gruntstock going on at my place?

NYD said...

Now you tell me?? I've just come back from there. LOL

The Grunt said...

Haha! Too funny. Well, better late than never and I enjoyed your contribution. The 1000 comments thing was just me being silly. I never expected to break 50.

littlebirdblue said...

S told me a story once about his mother.

She saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the theatres when it came out and thought it was so cool, she went to his school and got him out and took him to see the afternoon matinee.

Knowing this has enabled me to like my mother-in-law a teeny bit more than I might have, otherwise.

Nice post, NYD.