March 05, 2007

Cutting the Mustard

I know that posting only once a week makes it difficult to expand the readers on this blog.
These days I figure that one thoughtful post a week is better than a whole bunch of stuff that looks more like busy work than constructive thinking.

I am getting ready for another busy week. I have to stay productive. the tax man has been breathing down my neck and I don't have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of. If it weren't for seven years of collected mileage I wouldn't be able to afford my upcoming trip to Hawaii. I will try to mention that as many times as I possibly can over the next few weeks to encourage the appropriate amount of envy.

So many things happening, so many thoughts.
They (and we all know just who they are) started painting and repairing the out side of the building that I live in. Every window has been sealed and there is a cover on the outside of the scaffolding that surrounds the structure. It makes me feel like I'm living in a condom.
I went out to eat some sushi go round the other day (see pics below ) and I was amazed at the amount of food that some people can eat. Crispy and I can put away about sixteen or seventeen plate between the both of us, but there were kids there with over twenty plates stacked in front of them. The shop is a blast, not only do the have inexpensive food but special orders are delivered by Bullet train! A rail system that runs from the kitchen to your seat delivers fish with amazing alacrity.

I had to look up the word meme, today. I just didn't know what it was and I have seen it all over the net. Now what I read didn't give me a deeper knowledge of what I was witnessing, so I asked my wife. She explained it all to me with a slightly pained expression on her face as if she were dealing with a slightly retarded child. This got me to thinking about how far the information age has effected us and how dumb someone could seem if they aren't keeping pace with the rest of the world. I admit, I'm an anachronism but I ain't too certain that the things that make me feel old are in fact, bad at all. Think on this. who is the more ignorant; the person who continually chases after new information without completely understanding what they have encountered or the person who moves a little bit more slowly, yet better understands the things and ideas presented?

Here is my Meme:
Ten things that make me feel old.

1. Music. I listen to popular stuff and it just confuses me. I'm certain my mom felt the same way about my tunes.
2. My manners. I was brought up to respect the world and the people around me.
3. My driving. I almost never speed anymore and I try to make the car run as fuel efficiently as possible.
4. Alcohol. Just can't drink like I used to. And when I do, I make sure it's the good stuff.
5. My hair. Gray sucks, so I shave my head.
6. Fashion Choices. Although I still wear jeans (occasionally ripped) I just don't go in for t-shirts anymore.
7. Cell Phones. Have one. Love it. But don't know half the things I can do with it.
8. My mom. She is where I am going and although she still has a sharp mind and wit; I can see the years that have gathered upon her shoulders and have begun to understand the weight she has carried.
9. My eyes. When I look into the mirror I see all my experiences reflected in my eyes.
10. My wife. She is so youthful and beautiful that I want to go back in time so I can spend even more of it with her


Serena Joy said...

I don't think anyone should blog (or anything else) according to a schedule. One should do what one feels like doing when one feels like doing it. I've come to realize that when you do post, it's always going to be a thoughtful, enjoyable read -- and worth the wait.

Love your Meme answers, and am envious as hell about your upcoming trip to Hawaii. You'd better bring back pictures.:)

The Grunt said...

I post a lot just because I have to do something with all this crap that goes on in my overactive mind. I think you should just blog when you want. You have a good life, NYD.

leelee said...

feel old???...oh you don't know what it is till little people call you husbands daughter has 6 kids...they call me grandma...I don't realize they are talking to me untill they start tugging on my leg...Gramma, gramma...Oh..I are talking to me??!! yikes


leelee said...

Oh and those little Hello Kitty cakes are too flippin' cute to eat..well maybe nibble on the ears..BUT THAT'S ALL

jeepgirl said...

Ok, first of all... you SUCK. Sorry, had to get that off my shoulders. I'll be in Key West in 6 weeks, but have that whole "wedding thing" to do while I'm there.

I didn't know what the hell a Meme was either so don't feel too bad! Love your answers though!

Scary Monster said...

Nice look there, Dad.

Is that the only "kitty" you gettin these days?

Sorry crispy, stomp.

Are you serious about the car?

littlebirdblue said...

'Meme', as it is currently used by the on-line crowd, is actually a misunderstanding, or misapplication of the original meaning. The resulting phenomenon, in itself, is a demonstration of a meme.


the blue dye covers up most of my visible grey, but nobody, nobody, warned me about grey pubic hair. Is this some kind of conspiracy?

Talk about feeling old.