March 12, 2007

Curtain Call

Mistakes happen.

And sometimes people get hurt, special people.

I use this place to tell stories; some based on the truth, and sometimes the truth of things is stretched or tweaked to make the story more interesting. A story I told got changed in the telling and that has caused some problems.

I write this blog for myself. I don't have any dreams about being discovered and becoming a writer or about becoming popular in the blogworld. I just thought this would be a fun way to spend an evening or two a week. I've been the Misplaced man for quite some time now and I've had a lot of fun. You see, I live in a fairly small city and don't have much opportunity to engage in intelligent conversation in my native language, so I escape to this place to let my imagination run wild and have a little fun.

This has been a good place to escape from a seven day work week and the stresses of running a business where everyone but the owners profit.I want to thank all the people who have come by and sat for a spell, left a comment and added to my life, but It's time to get back to work in the real world.

Besides, I'm a much better teacher than I am a writer.

It's been fun, but it's time to do what kitty does when the job is over and cover it all up with sand.

See ya around.



leelee said...

I for one will miss your occasional post NYD. I feel fortunate that I got to "know" you.

Real Life is much more important..especially those we hold dear to our heart.

Good Luck with all you do..


jeepgirl said...

Even though I am saddened to see you go, I totally understand your reasoning. I will miss the pictures and stories from a world away. Please take care of yourself and stop in and say Hi now and then!

Be safe!

The Grunt said...

Yeah, it is sad to see you go, but I feel that after you have a break you'll get that itch again. You've been a good blogger buddy to me and I am counting on you still visiting me.

I have had that situation happen to me before where a post got me in trouble with someone that I cared about. They eventually got over it.

Scary Monster said...

Just you wait till you get to aloha land my friend. We'll stomp there.

Serena Joy said...

I hope you'll be back after you take your break. I've had stuff I've said/written get all twisted out of proportion. It's survivable. Don't stay away; I'm just getting to know you.

Scary Monster said...

Are you still pouting? Cut the shit and get back to work.


littlebirdblue said...

Recently, my father specifically called me and asked for my blog address. Leery, but not feeling able to deny him access to a publicly-posted part of myself, I gave it to him ("No, Dad, sorry; every stranger in the universe with internet access can read my blog BUT you" just didn't sound right.)

It was a mistake. His idea of 'who' his daughter was and my creative expression met like a head-on collision. Well, maybe not a head-on, but certainly a side-swipe.

I asked by blog buds about their experiences and opinions about family members, co-workers, spouses, etc. reading their blogs/Live Journals (in my first Blogvey). It was quite illuminating. I deliberately didn't ask about friends or siblings (reading our blogs), because I figure we have different relationships with our siblings: my assumption was that sibs would be more like colleagues than other family members, and so less likely to 'intrude' on the weird public/private blog sphere.

Almost every single respondent mentioned their brothers and sisters, even though I didn't include them in the quiz. I thought that was quite telling.

I hope you don't let your frustration get in the way of your blogging. It can be a wonderful experience, to feel connected to like-minded (or even unlike-minded) others via this bizarre and amazing medium. Don't give it up. You've already got people here who will miss your voice.

Southern Writer said...

Damn, you can't quit now. I just discovered you. You won't quit anyway, and you can trust me on that. Blogging and writing are addictive. I've tried to quit like five times now, and here I am again.

Yanno what your post reminds me of? It reminds me of the time my DH complained that he wasn't in my blog. Well, no, he wasn't, because it's not about him. It's about me. It's something I do for myself, kind of like reading a book is for myself.

We all have an inner life that no one else can ever know, no matter how close they are to us. We're entitled to it. We can share it, or not. It's our choice. Shake it off, and as soon as you're ready, GET BACK TO WORK! I'm putting you on my blog roll. Don't make me regret it.