July 30, 2007

Back in the saddle?

Jeez. I can't believe that I have stayed away for so long. Even if I have been ignoring this place, I feel bad about not taking the time to visit all the folks who have stopped by and read the drivel that I used to put up here.
I don't know how I am going to get this thing started again. I spend so much damned time building my business and trying to get ahead of the game that I often ignore those who are closest to me. Well, I will be getting some time off next week when Japan celebrates the Golden Week.
I plan to take a gander at some of the local festivals and enjoy a night or two out on the town with some friends that I haven't gotten together with in a dogs age.
There will be the occasional post, but most of all I will be spending a little bit more time on myself.

It's good to be back.


Mayden' s Voyage said...

I thought of you several times while one the coast this week, but I can not really explain why...

I've just about given up on "reasons"...why I make some of the choices I do, or why I always want to turn RIGHT, but never left.

I was in the midst of 32 other close family members this week...cousins, or Aunts and Uncles- or Great Aunts and Uncles...all related by blood and all very different, and yet- there were things I can not deny that were the same.

I'm responding here as if I were writng a post...sorry :) It's safe here, it almost feels as if I were home- and TRUST me...I KNOW what that feels like~
Thank you friend :)
Hope one day you will be close by :) But, if not...I'm thankful that you feel close enough- for whatever reason :)

NYD said...

I'm pretty happy that you still feel comfortable here, Mayden.

I uess I use this place as a getaway.
I figure it's time to stop lurking around the blogs of people I like and start commenting again.

I was starting to creep my self out.

leelee said...

HI NYD...I've missed you and t's nice to see you again. Not to worry...I still check here every now and again...

enjoy your festivals...