August 06, 2007

Summer Festival Time!

There is nothing better to me than to spend good times with good people. During the month of August, all throughout Japan there are festivals. So many in fact that you would have to live here for many years to see just the major ones. Here in my town there are back to back events for three weeks and then another in September. Hundreds of fireworks, thousands of drums, floats, Sake, folks walking around in costume and of course the display of local dieties. Very pagan and very fun. Needless to say that spirits run high and flow freely for quite some time.

These are some of the displays for the Tanabata festival

Winning prizes at carny -like street games of chance

When in Rome, baby.

Good times and we are still sober!

I will post more pics and try to describe the fun and excitement that is my Japan in the summer. If you ever want to come here and find yourself anywhere near my city I will guarantee you plenty of fun and life long memories. We even have a couple of extra Yukatas so you can become Japanese for a day or two.


Mayden' s Voyage said...

Looks like so much fun! I wish we (USA) had celebrations like this.

Looks lovely, and by all means if I ever come to your side of the world, I will try to be there during the month of August :)

Scary Monster said...

How come there are no pics of you drinkin beer and playin grab ass with the high school girls?


Rebelbelle said...


Anonymous said... cute!...Would luv' to be there!!

Lady Luxie

leelee said...

How wonderful...Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time...Kimonos looks good on everyone!!


NYD said...

Thanks all. I have convinced the Scary one to vist and play some golf. I will try to sneak a snapshot of him and his miserable swing and post it here.

Next year you guys can come over and party with us!

Scary Monster said...

Not funny Mr. New York man. You keep yer camera to yerself or me one wood will be knockin on a different set of balls.