August 18, 2007

Good Times

I have been having an unusually quiet time here in the country. It's a lot quieter now that The Scary Monster has taken off to the seashore with the Vixen. We all had a blast and loved all the laughs and boozing. I especially appreciate that his losses at golf paid for my games and of course will do my best to invite him up for a rematch. Unfortunately he made me promise not to post any pics of him so I guess that I'll have to dissapoint you folks on that score at least for the time being.

The vixen is an amazing cook she and the other ladies cookede the most amazing amount of food. It was like being at a banquet every night!

While the waether has been holding between paradise and perfection, we cannot stay any longer. Crispy Doodle is chompin at the bit to get back home. It's been a vacation for me, but I have to remember that for her it's time spent with her relatives and that can be somewhat stressfull as I'm sure you can imagine.

I will come back in the next day or so and see if there any pics I can post of that silly little toy that Scary carries with him.

Until then,


patty D said...

How the hell are you ! How is life in Japan treating you ? Bob is there in Morioka right now and is to meet with Meg and the boys, could there be some hope ?


NYD said...

Hey Pat! Life could be better, but I am enjoying it anyway. Glad to hear that Bob is going to bat for you. Lets hope that some of his sensibility will rub off on her and you will be reunited with your sons again.

leelee said...

sounds like a nice time pics when you can.