September 14, 2007

What are friends for?

I have been doing more blogging this week than I have for the past two months.
The only problem is that I am doing it for a friend. Someone very close to me.
The Silly Monster went to see a doctor for a check up and got lassoed into a full battery of extremely embarrassing tests.
The docs didn't like the results so they've kept him there an extra day and a half doing more invasive procedures and keeping him off the sauce for almost three days now. I'm pretty sure he's getting antsy and feels like stomping some people.
I get daily updates to his condition, not all that good, through requests to do his posting for him. (yes, that means I have total access to his blog.)
What do you do with a friend who is constantly needing your supervision and help? I sure do feel sorry for his wife AKA: the Vixen. Although more fun than a barrel full of monkeys, this guy could make Mother Theresa lose her cool.
I do have to be thankful though. If it weren't for The Monster I might not have logged in under my own name and actually written anything for myself, so when he complains about the lousy job I did, I'll just bite my tongue and let him rant.

After all, he is the black sheep of the family.

Stay stompy, monster.


Scary Monster said...

A little too much info there Me friend, but me ain't gonna rant. Me owes you a solid. Thanks fer everything. Keep on posting!

Corn Dog said...

I wondered if there was going to be a post here 'fessing up. Thanks so much for the posting in abstentia.

I like the Monster's blog a tremendous amount. It is one of my favorites. I hope he is doing better and taking the docs warnings seriously. Of course, like I told him I am a big scaredy cat in this realm.

leelee said...

Hugs, stomps and thanks for the updates NYD!!

Scary Monster said...

Time fer a new post, lazybones.