October 01, 2007

How did I get here from there.

I looked into the mirror this morning and I was completely shocked that my dad was there lookin back at me!
Time is beating the shit out of me and not being very nice about it.

Today I found myself at work on my day off.
Not because I wanted to be there and not because there was a lot a work for me to catch up on and finish. I was there because...

Wife is beating the shit out of me and is not being very nice about it at all.

I guess like every middle aged man I am starting to wonder if I made the right choices. I don't have half as much fun as I used to and things often seem to be way too serious. Responsibilities keep piling on and although there is a a lot of satisfaction from what I do, there's not a lot of satisfaction from what' s being done to me.

Somebody out there please explain the draw of "Sex and the City" to me. The wife is watching it and I am in fear for my life. The damn women on the show have listed every problem in a marriage and all the shit men do to women in the most sophomoric of terms and I just can't understand it. My wife keeps looking at me with a accusatory stare that makes me feel as if I have stolen the best years of her life. Women do the same evil stuff to guys and we die younger because of it.


Mayden' s Voyage said...

"Women do the same evil stuff to guys and we die younger because of it"
;) Sorry- I had to grin over that statement.

I'm not sure we do the same stuff- but men do tend to die younger...and then all of us old ladies sit around and talk about all the shit those men did to us- and laugh about the time Samantha rode that guy in the elevator...


tohokuben said...

Hey D,

Man, I can relate to your question on if we make the right choices, with the responsibilities piling on, satisfaction slipping away, and the years adding up.

BUT... there is a (though temporary) antidote to the above realities, as well as that which strike fear deep down in the inards of all men (namely: Sex in the City)... and that is "Entourage". The way things are supposed to be.

Tohoku Ben (in Tokyo).

leelee said...

NYD my friend...I have been married for a lot of years..and marriage has its up times and down times as I am sure you are well aware...the key is to ride out the lows...we all question the relationship at times..but I look at the alternative, it never seems quite what I hoped it would be..ya know..."grass is greener" and all that.

Look at her and remember why you fell for her in the first place...those traits are still there..it's just life that keeps getting in the way.


Gee-sus who have I become... Dr. Friggin' Phil??

Anonymous said...

I dont know, when my wife watches that show she gets hmm..."excited", but not upset. I think that is because of Samantha's character and we're still under 25. ganbatte