October 14, 2007

Back to where I started.

This place has suffered from neglect. It wasn't intentional, but it happened anyway.

I love language and the way people use it to communicate the pictures that they have in their heads. I like to look at individual words until they fully reveal themselves to me. I love to work out the rules of grammar and see just how far I can go before I break them.
I enjoy altering the way we use vernacular and I wanted to see if I could communicate with others using unorthodox patterns, spelling and a complete disregard for what is considered "good" English. There are many others who have done the very same thing, and have done it better than I ever could, but this was my little contribution.

I spend a lot of time everyday working on getting others to be able to understand me and the more I try to show people how things work, the more confounding things become. The same thing occurs when I try to understand the vagaries of Japan.

As you can see from the bored expression on my wife's face, she understands my silliness perfectly.

I figure that if I talk to you with an open heart and if you are willing to listen then we can probably say anything we want to each other and have very little problems or misunderstandings.

If this can work for people then why can't it work for countries?


Anonymous said...

Have you ever said a word out load so many times that it begins to sound strange? Anyway, if your Mrs.'s glass was filled with something thats 40% I am sure that here expression changed after she finnished that drink ;)


oh, and if you could help show me how to leave publish a post without having to anonymous that would be really cool.

dang blogger..

Punny Yumpkin said...

Oh Nooooo Not you too?

NYD said...

Hey Ron Thanks for visiting. As a matter of fact the word I say over and over again until it no longer has meaning is: FUCK! But I guess you already know that. LOL.

So, are you ready for Halloween?

Punny: So he's got you in on the act as well? That bastids gotta go.