October 29, 2007

Cat half out of the bag

There is one thing that I have, for the most part, refrained from blogging about and that is work. More specifically; the people who work both for me and with me. I figure it's a good thing to let work life and home life stay as far apart as I can make them because if I bring it all home with me I will never get any rest.

There are times when a certain group of people get together and something truly special happens. Well, that's what we have now at the school and Silly Monster wants to celebrate.

As much as I want to shout out compliments from the rooftops and let the world know just how fabulous I think our team is I'll just let you all find out for yourselves.

A couple of really cool fireflies and an indestructable student!

Really, great people all.

Our Halloween party was a blast. Some folks got a little carried away sharing certain aspects of American drinking culture to the students, but it was all good. I even got the chance to show off my dancing skills. Read more about the festivities at this place.

There are a lot of ways to let people know just how important they are and how closely you hold them to your hearts. The first and best way, in my very un-humble opinion, is to let them do their thing watch them grow and swim in their waters for a while. It makes for a really good family.


The Unconventional Life said...

(this post would be best viewed with the lyrics and music from the Time Warp)

I remember doing the TIme Warp
Drinking those moments when
The blackness would hit me and the void would be calling
Let's GO TO STRAIGHT TALK again...
AND dooo the time warp again!

Man it was astounding, time was fleeting and madness took its toll! but thank god nyd kept control. we jumped to the left, stepted to the right, put our hands on our hips, then began to thrust with our knees in tight!

it was dreamy! oh fantasy freed me!
but the japanese did see me!oh oh all!! un-secluded...we did it all!
i'm sure they had a mind flip that put them into a mind slip...
and now- nothing can be the same,
because we were space out on sensation! we put them under sedation (osake de) YES, we did the time warp again!

WEll, then I was a walked down the street after a have'n a drink. when a great fun guy gave me a big ol'drink. he had open'd it up said here drink up, and i did a shotgun-oh you should've seen my eye's!
Everyone stared at me and i felt a change.Then, time meant nothing never would again! We did the time warp again! YES, We did the time warp again!

Scary Monster said...

we should have another party!!!

H. RUTELLA said...