November 18, 2007

Much to do about down time.

Waking up to bad weather on yer day off is about as nice as getting popcorn stuck between your teeth. Crispy and I were going to take a drive out to a neighboring prefecture to spend the day with some friends and enjoy a day out in the country. Ahh, the best laid schemes o' mice an' men. Gang aft agley.

There are times when you just have to change your plans and make the best with what you have. Today was not a day for adventure. It was a time of recovery. I am often amazed at the amount of energy that my wife spends during the week. She works twice as hard as anyone I know and never says a thing, so when Sunday comes around there is nothing I can do other than give her the extra hours of sleep she wants and the special treatment that she deserves.

Tomorrow will be different. Unlike My wife I cannot spend the day lallygagging around the house doing nothing more than flipping through the channels on the TV. I just have to be active and my body get a little bit antsy if I don't get in some kind of exercise during the day. The winter tires need to be put on the car and that means a good fourty minutes to an hour of work. Not much fun, but necessary.

Hopefully we can get out to the driving range as well. With the cold weather coming in, there is very little time left to play any golf.
I'm just hoping we get some sunshine.

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H. Rutella said...

Letting the little lady sleep is so wonderful you should pat yourself on the back for being a rare and unique husband. One thing I liked best is the wonderful picture you posted for me to see. What a beautiful smile.