December 25, 2007

and to all a good night.

Cheers from Prometheus!

Got to have my pizza

There must be a million Santa's in this town!

last minute tree shoppers.

There is so much to tell you of my time back home, but there isn't time to write it all down. I have asked Scary Monster to come by and leave a STOMP for everyone, but he is even busier than I and hasn't said yes or no. Tonight is Christmas eve and the people all around have somewhat softened. There is an indeniable patience and kindness that has settled on the city.

It's nice to be here and to experience it, but I only wish it could be like this all year round. New York is something different during Christmas and New Years.

I'll be back in Japan before the year rings out so you will be getting a different sort of pictures next week.

Merry Christmas All!


Scary Monster said...

Stompy Christmas, brother.

Thanks fer everything.


P.S. I'll do it, ok.

Pink said...

Hey Brother man - mmmm pizza - Rock center rocks!

And Stompy Christmas to your green blobby friend there.

Happy you are enjoying your holidays in NYC :)


leelee said...

omg..that pizza DOES look good. Love it thin like that. YUMMY!!

As I have matured I have even more appreciation of the fantastic bronzes in Rockefeller Plaza and the surrounding buildings. I grew up seeing them and marveling, but now..I am in awe at their beauty.

I love NY at Christmas. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Kate said...

yummmmm I ALWAYS get pizza when I am in NY! When I lived in Philly and traveled to NY frequently I would bring a pie or 2 home for the family too! Nothing like cold pizza for breakfast!