December 22, 2007

On the streets where you live

Walking down the street; I'm wondering how long it will take me not to notice all the trash in the streets; the cigarette butts, tossed flyers, the abandoned plastic bottles, cans and paper cups.
Each footfall brings me further along and I can see clearly what it is that is beautiful about the city. I spend hours strolling around town when I get here. First of all it helps to get over the jet lag by sweating out the poisons and secondly it get my street sense and timing back. once you are back in tune with the rythms of the city then you are able to move freely and stop worrying about the obstacles around you. If you can see the patterns in the movemnt of people, bicycles and rogue taxis than you can focus on the things that will present themselves to you.

Here are some pictures I took today.

What's Christmas in New York without Frosty, Bagels and wonderful sunsets.

Boids, boids everywhere- New york's bravest.

gettin around.

Lincoln Center and Starbucks.


Charles said...

Yee haw! Home is where the heart is and I think your's is in NYC.

Pink said...

Gorgeous...makin' me homesick for NYC. I see you snapped my happy place all lit up (Starbucks)

Have a wonderful time snappin' the city!

~Babz~ said...

Welcome home and Happy Holidays.

leelee said...

I <3 NY

Great Photos NYD...Lincoln Center Tree is marvelous. I took pics of NYFD last year when I was there. They are special.


leelee said...

NYD - I;ve posted some great holiday tips on my blog to help you navigate through the holidays.

drop by when you get a moment.


Mayden' s Voyage said...


The photos make me wish I was there too-
I hope all is well with you.

Pink said...

I know it says 'snappy' comebacks but I'm gonna write a 'sappy' comeback just cuz well, its Christmas and besides any girl named Pink is allowed!

When you see Stompy, please tell that green blob that I miss him. Please squeeze him (make sure no monster goo splurts out on you) and give him kisses from me! Wish him and his Vixen a Very Scary Christmas from me.

And as for you, my newest of friends, I wish you a wonderful 2008 full of love, laughter and lude & lacivious indulgences! Well, hey, any friend of the monster...

The Grunt said...

Good to see you representing your home town, NYD. Have a Happy Holiday!

NYD said...

Hey all! Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I have been truly busy, too busy to write, but I am hoping that I have convinced a good friend to visit this place and leave you all with a merry Christmas messege.

Have a happy and healthy one!