December 17, 2007

I didn't make it for Chanukah, but..

I'll be home for Christmas.
That's really a small consolation. So small as to make it seem a booby prize, but it ain't.
It's been close to three years since I have set foot in New York.
New York the very name of that place sends shivers down my spine, gives me goose bumps and makes my lovely scrotum tighten. I wish I could say that I am going there for myself, but then I would be lying. I didn't plan on this trip. In fact getting ready for this voyage has been one great big pain in the ass. (Don't take that personally, O.)
Some things are bigger than you. No matter how much you believe that you are God's gift to mankind and the best thing to happen since sliced bread; there are many things that leave you feeling small and insignificant in the face of them.
One of them is true friendship. My friend called and I couldn't refuse the summons. I have refused the beckoning of people many a time in my life, but this time the bonds that tie my heart to another's are far to strong to let anything stand in my way if I can be of assistance
There is a bonus to all this , I do get to see my family and partake in some of the best food that can be found anywhere in the world. I plan on taking so many pictures of the city that many folks just might mistake me for a tourist, which in a way I am.
The year is waning and all of us are either thinking about the future or reconciling ourselves with the past. No matter how or who with the final days of the year are spent; it's always a good idea to take a moment or two and realize, with a shake of your head and half a chuckle on your lips, that we're not meant to understand it all.
Have a happy holidays.
I'm Goin home!


Pink said...

Wonderful. Enjoy the trip! I was there in the summer and its a different place when you're a visitor, but you are always a New Yorker, my friend.

I'm glad you stopped by.

Little Lamb said...

I used to live on Long Island. I was raised there.

Somewhere else you were talking about Scary. Isn't he going to come back to blogging as another personality?

This is a neat blog!

leelee said...

NY - Miami - 2.5 hours. leelee has a spare room....I want to meet crispy..come to think about it, I have 2 spare rooms...Scary/Vixen and NYD/Crispy and the weather is fine my friend...simply divine

think about it...consider yourselves invited!

NYD said...

Pink: Welcome! Thanks for dropping by I really like the things you write about on your site.

The bad thing (or good)aout being a NewYorker is that you never really get the city out of your blood. It's like a stain that everyone can see.

Littlle Lamb: Iwill be talking to the Green one in about two days. I want to find out what he has planned too.

Leelee: Thank you kindly for the invitation.
I will get Scary to e-mail you as soon as I can. Does he have your address?

leelee said...

I already emailed him and got a reply...he declined regretfully :-(

But I wanted to extend the invite to you as well...gosh, now I feel like flying up there...but alas...xmas duties will not allow it this year....


Serena Joy said...

Wow, 5 years? Your family and friends will be overjoyed to see you. Have a great trip and a terrific holiday!

Chick said...

That's too long to be away!

What other city is there? Really.

Welcome home early.

The Grunt said...

I hope you have a great time, NYD. I was born and spent my first eight years of life in Phoenix, but it doesn't feel like home to me.

Pink said...

I'm glad you like my site, and thanks for hinting me.

Don't forget Rockefeller center with the tree, and central park, and the met, and battery park and the village, and chinatown and union square and times square! and a view from new jersey and one from brooklyn, oh! and the staten island ferry!....

I better stop now or you'll be too clicking MY fantasy you'll have no time for your own fun ;)

Enjoy home. Its a good thing people can see the stain. New Yorkers are tough but true.

Scary Monster said...

Fly brother fly. Me got done bought a six pack and a bottle of Makers Mark to be welcoming you home.

Don't fool around with the stewardesses or other passengers. The Mile high club don't need no more members.

thx, STOMP!

Scary Monster said...

btw. The blog do be lookin real tight. Ya been a busy boy.

Me sees a lot of familliar faces here. Be thinkin it be abouts time thet Me made some rounds.

Love to all and STOMPY Holidays!

~Babz~ said...

NYC welcomes you home. Well, I'm on L.I. now but once you are NY, you're always NY, huh? Happy Holidays!

Pink said...

Hey Scary is a friend of yours too? I love that little green blobbie guy. He's been a good pal. When you see him, tell him Pinkadoo wishes him a stompy holiday right back.