January 07, 2008


Whatchu gone do did with you life so far?
When you be makin dem resolutions year after year is you truly meanin them?
Where you gonna be at the end of the ride and youse lookin back at stuff you done and brass rings un-grasped?
This be a time when Me is aksed to do a favor that often makes for a perplexing mix of emotions.
Cain't rightly say how Me be feelin at this moment, yet Me is doing the writin that were aksed to be done.

There be a couple o' different ways Me could go about this, so please don't mind iffin me words start to ramble and the nonsense commences...

Mebbe the first thing you notice is that things be so completly different than at any other time in yer life. You gone be walking along in a world that just don't fit right cuz you be never knowing a time when she weren't there.
Even if you heard the whispers in the dark of yer imagination and knowing that this tme would come to pass, the reality be much more different. You done did this before, me friend, you be unnerstandin that the ride ain't over. What yer mistake is that you be thinkin that she be gone. Not true, not true!

A great part of the sorrow comes from thinkin about alla things she done meant to do and how much been taken from her.
You be havin fear that you will also come to an unreconciled finish.
You will.
All dreamers do.
At times like this; one be worryin 'bout things left unsaid. Better not to say, but to do!
Keep the promises and live up to the standards imposed on you and know that none of them be unreasonable.
The real sin in life is not in forgetting where ya came from, but where ya supposed to go.

Me no got all the answers.

Thanks fer the invite, friend. Now it's time to take me name offa this place and get back to doing what you do best.


Serena Joy said...

NYD and Scary Monster tag-team blogging? Yeah!

I haven't done a thing with my life -- which is why I don't make useless resolutions. Maybe I'll do something with it before I'm 90. Maybe not. Either way works for me.:)

I'm glad to see you back, Scary!

NYD said...

Hey there Serena :)

Scary is around and doing well.
He just did me a favor and wrote something for me that I just haven't had the courage to put into words for myself.

He says that he will drop by every now and again, but he isn't certain if he can come back to blogging.

I am trying to convince him that his stomps are important.

leelee said...

Everyday I make a resolution of sorts...to make it the best day given any set of circumstances...I never take on a whole year...one day at a time for me..toooooooooooooo many variables.

Scary its so nice to read you...glad you're here.


Serena Joy said...

Good deal, NYD. I enjoy you, and I also enjoy Scary's STOMPS.:)

VE said...

Wow, Scary turns up when I least expect it. Glad of it though. Keep him bogging too NYD!

leelee said...

Scary..and NYD...I didn't originally click on the "read More" and I just did..


there is nothing I can say...its too personal..too individual for me to comment..

Just know, I have been there..and know..I do

NYD said...

Leelee: It's good to make a resolution everyday. Keeps things fresh and up to date with the needs in your life.

We all go through this stuff at some point in our lives and it's always personal. Hugs are the best we can do for each other. Thanks for every one of them.

Thanks, Serena. I always enjoy the memes and questions you pose at your place. The little grey cells stay oiled when I visit you.

VE: The Monster has a habit of turning up at the most unexpected times. I never expected to see him in NY.
Noe that is scary!

Kate said...

I say make resolutions if you feel you need to... to me, the beginning of the year is a time to reflect on where you are headed and where you have been. Good and bad... Its a time to make changes if need be (which is why diet and exercise is ALWAYS on the list! hehehe)or to pat yourself on the back for another year well done. I suppose most of us fall somewhere in the middle...

I loved seeing my green buddy here too! I have missed his stomps! There is just nothing quite like it! =]

Happy New Year NYD! Hope you are doing well!

Cheers! Kate

Pink said...

speechless. read this post several times and it always leaves me speechless.

yes, i do relate to this feeling of the world not fitting cuz you've never known the world without her in it...and unreconciled endings...yes. But I wonder if its only unreconciled for those who are left behind. I just don't know.

Love to both NYD and the stompy one.

The Grunt said...

Scary, I'm glad you took a break from your life to guest blog. It means a lot to me that you haven't left us behind. I know it is important to move on to other things--a season for everything. However, I hope that the seasons away from blogging will eventually lead to a harvest of expression down the road that you will share with all of us again.