January 07, 2008

Street Scenes

I did a lot of walking while I was home.
Here are just some of the views I took in while trying to keep my footing
in a town that is constantly trying to keep you off balance.


Pink said...

that is one crazy ass squirrel.

Where is the shot of the glass building numbered 72? It looks lovely.

Love the sculpture! And, another photographer friend of mine has taken that same snowflake shot, yet both shots have completely different feels which I assume reflects the different gaze of the photographers.

Cool photos. Really captures the feel of life as a blurr in NYC.

leelee said...

I <3 NY

NYD said...

Hi Pink. The pics were tweaked to relect the feeling I had while in the city.

The brick and glass building is the recently rebuilt 72 street subway station. It had the reputation of being the noisiest station in N.Y.
Now it's a really nice plaza.

My home in NY was just a few minutes away from there.

Leelee~ I know just how ya feel girl.
Once I got my sea legs back the city was mine again. Walking around town has got to be one of the best things one can do. Just stay away from 5th ave. during the holiday season. Ugh!!!

jillie said...

Really like what you did with the pictures. I've only been to NYC once and I've been aching to go back again. Just don't know if I can do it in the dead of winter though....Brrrr...

NYD said...

Hi, Jillie.
Glad you liked the pictures.
NY ain't so bad in winter. Most people are too cold to be rude to you. It's the perfect time to go.