February 22, 2008

Fifty-fives - The Start

Dismayed that time constraints forced him to join the multitudes of those who produce flash 55's on Friday's. He rapped away at the keyboard with an intense apathy, the kind you find in second rate department store sales clerks. Now he feared that he would have to quit the league of non-conformists.... to be continued.

I don't know what's going to happen but I will be trying to string the flash 55 idea into a series of connected stories and posts. this might just become one of the silliest things I do this week.

Actually after the week I had I could use a little silliness.
The wife adopted a new kitten
(we picked her up in a blizzard) and the damned thing is driving me nuts. Of course I feel like a hero, but I would love it if someone would adopt her. We call her 'Curlicue' or Q-tip for short. She might just end up working at the school. 


Pink said...

I hate to tell you this.


You actually look FRIENDLY in that photo! :-o !!!!

The NY part of NYD may be slipping ;)


The Grunt said...

Having a cat at school would've been a blast, growing up. Hamsters aren't that durable.

Corn Dog said...

I agree with Pink. You look like a cat rescuer. The cat looks like she is folded, almost as if she is a T-shirt in a drawer.

Animals work everywhere here. I walked in a jewelry store one day and there was a golden retriever behind the desk, wanting to help me. They are helpful dogs.

VE said...

Careful...you might be more attached to the cat than you suspect...

Scary Monster said...

Me been wonderin when youse finally gonna admit to bein human.

Since when you be a non-conformist?
Livin in Japan kinda eliminates the possibility, don' it

Corn Dog said...


leelee said...

lol....Vinny Boom Batz? I'm pretty sure I went to school wit him in Jersey!

That kitten is adorable..I love the names.

Awwwwwww ya just gotta keep it now!

PS: I found scary's new blog..I see you have too ;-)

Izzy said...

What a great pic. You look so chilled out. Cute kitty too!

NYD said...

I go away for a little R&R and I come back ton all these wonderfull faces. What a great way to start the week!

Pink~ The New Yawker is still there, just not so obvious.

Grunt~ We had turtles. You'd think they were kinda durable but I managed to do them in. I wonder how well this kitty will fare.

CornDog~ The problem with cats is that they pretty much do whatever they want. not the best qualifications for slave labor.

VE~ Shhhhhhhhhh! Do you want everyone to know!!

Scary~ I am an island! And a Rock. Not a rebel, but an outlaw. The rules just don't apply.

Leelee~ Vinny sure does seem to get around. I'm pretty sure that I went to school with him too.

Scay's blog wern't hard too find. He came by begging me to join him on the next crusade...I'm still on the fence.

Izzy~ I forced myself to smile for the shot. It was a Sunday morning and I was at work.

bbw1957 said...

Actually I don't care who Vinny is, but you look so damn great! Is that the new kitty? How is the house mistress dealing with the new addition? Can't wait to read the next edition. Love the stories. You do look happy too.

Mona said...

Nyd! you can blame that kitten for driving you nuts enough to attempt a 55...

now I wonder who am I to blame for my craziness...
I think I can only say that...

For the desires
That have gone wanton
There are excuses...
Like those of the debtors'
Unwilling to pay.