February 25, 2008

Just can't be quiet

I was going to bash the Oscars tonight. Up until now I have always believed that they were an unbelievably pretentious bit of boot licking and back slapping.
That was before I really started to think about how often my life has been affected by the storytellers, actors, actresses and movie makers who inevitably enter our lives and spend time with us over a beer and conversation.

Not so different from my favorite authors and the books they have written, movies, both good and bad and ridiculous have provided me with countless hours of escape as well as deep moments of elucidation.
Now you may not like the Oscars, but I bet you like stories.
Really. Who doesn't?

I think that's why many folks have a blog. We all have a story or six to tell and quite often the story is our lives.
I don't need a theatre, playhouse or library to find a tale. There have been numerous times where a bus stop or a bar stool have sufficed for a venue of storytelling that left me enthalled with the teller of tales or just about pissing my pants.

You don't always need to be
a raconteur to make the visions that dance around in your head jump out into the real world and dance a dervish.

All you need is a Troll.

Weird, but good...conversational drift: tunes and musicians.

Lets have some fun. Talk to someone who can bend your ear for a moment and maybe leave you with something. I wonder if you can find the thread of my pictures.

Next week I will try to make the photos ones of my own taking instead of borrowed material.


she said...

i can't figure it out!!! are you doing mute monday weird but good? you cant get weirder that hr geiger the artist who did the ELP cover. are you going to tell us what the thread that holds these albums together after everyone has guessed? hope so

Pink said...

i'm not good with threads...or sodoku...or crosswords...I haven't got the attention span required for a good...err...where was I?

I like to travel alone quite often...you get to meet a lot of people because - imagine this - I'm a chatty person :-o

This weekend I met an engineer who has a nephew trying to get a break in Hollywood, a late middle aged man visiting his father who has a girlfriend in her 80s that is 10 years younger than dear ol' fiesty dad, an old woman who has two specially fitted canes - one for the front door and one for the back, and a Brazillian who moved to Dorset to feel safer than living in a Favela and who married a polish woman so they can go anywhere in the EU now.

I like the stories of the old folks best. Maybe I'm just sentimental but I do feel that they have so many great stories to tell...so many rich stories...but nobody wants to listen...

Thanks for reminding me.

Kurt said...

I love me some Adrian Belew. There is a great YouTube video of King Crimson w/Belew playing Red live.

Serena Joy said...

Nah, I can't find the common thread. But then, it's early evening and my brain is tired. Whatever it is, though, I have no doubt that it's brilliant.

I love stories, in any medium. I don't watch the Oscars, though. All the pampered self-aggrandizement just bugs me to death.

P.S. I have a troll. Someday I'm going to sprinkle Troll Salt on that bee-yotch.:)

NYD said...

She~ The hint would be in the phrase "conversational drift" Start out as if we were talking about H.R. Giger and see where it goes from there.

Weird, but good

Pink~ I can always count on you to keep me grounded and sane.

Kurt~ Will have to check that out eventhough I don't usually like watching music clips on you tube

SJ~ Look at the reply I wrote for She.
It's not much of a thread just a little chit chat with pics.

Oh, and before there is anymore confusion or conflagration.
I ought to have written "The TROLL" instead of "a Troll"

Non-descript trolls are unwelcome at any blog but The TROLL is more than welcome to carouse in my little corner of the woods. The Mute Monday idea really kicks!

VE said...

Wait...I found the thread. It was near my second button. I pulled it. I'll have to come back and figure out your photo thread, I need my girlfriend to sew a button now...

The Grunt said...

Greg Lake was in ELP, but first in King Crimson, who Adrian Belew played in from '80 onward, who also was Frank Zappa's guitarist at times, and then I get lost from there.

NYD said...

VE~ You are gonna hve to stop playing with your buttons young man. It will leave you shirtless and possibly blind if you can't find your girlfriend.

Ahhh, Grunt. I just knew we could sit down over a couple of chemo drips and a double dose of gamma rays.

You got most of it. The conversation would have started out talking about H.R. Gieger and possibly Alien then drifted over to Brain Salad Surgery. That would have brought us over to Greg Lake and to the stuff you mentioned.
Because of your love for guitars you naturally would have missed that Chester Thompson was the drummer for Zappa and later on for Genesis at times, and I would have bragged about seeing him play while you worked your way through a couple of heavy metal riffs...

More like a post than a rejoinder.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I'm utterly and totally lost...
but happy to see you-
does that count for anything?


she said...

grrrherhahaha to VE. i didnt know the bands well enough to find grunts thread. i cant think of any kind crimson song! ...'cept i though somebody came into bad company from KC...dunno. but thanks for stoppin by the yard!! and, have a nice weekend.

moi said...

Moi's brain is too fried from writing about pizza to find the thread. But I will say this: Adrian Belew and Robert Fripp are two of the all time greatest guitarists. What glorious noise.

Corn Dog said...

Okay, you post "Just can't be quiet" and then you're quiet. Is this a test? Did I pass for noticing?

NYD said...

Mayden, baby. Your never lost. How can sunshine ever be misplaced?

She~ If you take the time to listen to some of their music I believe you'll find it very entertaining on many levels.

Moi~ I concur with your opinion of Belew and Fripp

Corn Dog~ No not a test, but the quiet was a referral to mute mondays.

Mona said...

NYD? is that a stream of consciousness taking roots or rootless ( whatever) here?

Movies & Life.. I am still trying to figure out both...