February 29, 2008

Fifty-fives II

The week disappeared like a prestidigitator's assistant in a half baked magic act. The building ennui had not quite overcome the angst felt at the possibility of losing his membership to the league of non-conformists.

He considered his existence and wondered if there was more to life than being limited to a mere fifty-five words...

I really wish that I could jump up and down and yell out at the very tippy top of my lungs, THANK GOD IT'S FUCKING FRIDAY!!!!
I wish I could be in a bar right now instead of drinking at home and thinking about the weekend of work that is in store for me.
I wish I were in Aruba or Belize or any dozens of places that have temperatures that allow you to walk around in shorts and sandals.
I wish my wish list were a little more reasonable, but then again that is one of the wonderful things about wishes...and that's why beggars don't ride.

This weekend I present you with Aladdin's magical lamp!
Make your wishes and leave them in the comment box.
Don't forget. You are limited to three and if you ask for three more wishes with your last one then you will be cursed to earn nothing but Monopoly money for the rest of your life.

Have fun,
have a great weekend too!


The Grunt said...

I wish for a magic money card, a perfect physical body, and for Richard Simmons to quit making public appearances with those short shorts.

Pink said...

I wish for contentment until I die of old age, lots of fabulous orgasms and contentedness for my whole family.


Corn Dog said...

I wish I could find my way. It's not that I had a cleared path, but now it's a jungle and my machete is blunt.
I wish that the crazy people would quit finding me in the jungle. How can they find their way in and I can't find my way out. Is it the beacon rotating on my head? I wish someone would snap that thing off.

Scary Monster said...

Me be wishin fer world peace.
An end to taxation (would that cover deat as well?)
And a larger backyard to play in.


Anonymous Boxer said...

I wish for:

a new president.
more time to be creative.
a road trip.

In that order.


Mona said...

NYD, I had no idea you were giving up being quirkly maverick & joining the bandwagon !

Welcome to the world of 55ves.

Life can be summed up not just in 55 words.. that is way too many...

Life can be summed up in just one word....'LIFE'


Ah! today is my day for making a wish! I need wish fulfillment

"Dear Jinn of the lamp...psstpsstpsst....ok?"

Serena Joy said...

I wish for a genie who will grant me 3 wishes. And I wish for the wisdom to make those 3 really count.:)

Charles said...

I am in alignment with Anonymous Boxer, except with qualifications.
I wish for:
a new good president.
more time to be creative at a job I love.
a road trip unlike National Lampoon's Vacations.

I too, would like to welcome you to the world of 55s. Does Susie know?

I can't find Stompy's new blog, got any hints for me?

Hale McKay said...

Oh Great Genie,

For my three wishes, I would ask you to grant one wish each to three different people who have greater needs than I; that is three people who would use those wishes for less selfish gains.

There are many things I could wish for myself, all of which would be for personal gain. I would take greater pleasure just knowing that three less fortunate souls would be given the chance with one wish to improve their own lives.


Thanks for the recent visit and comments. (Waiting to learn why you think I'm "god damned funny.")

NYD said...

AnonBox~ You will reciece your first wish. You have the ability to make the second true all on your own and the thirrd is bound to happen once the weather turns warmer.

Mona~ You are something different and, I do believe, quite special. Keep on whispering. That what you wish for will certainly come to pass.

One more thing. The catch phrase and aconym for my school just so happens to be LIFE. I agree a difinitive thought and the one thing that keeps us all going.

SJ~ With your insight and gentle perception you will of course make beautiful dreams come true.

Charles~ I must apologise for lurking. You often write about things that are way over my head yet thisd time I agree with your refinements to the Boxers wishes.

Finding Scary's new home is a snap. All you have to do is check out Leelee's place she knows where he is. LOL!
Mike. It's been far too long since I have come visiting and I will have to rectify that. You make me laugh. You have the ability to find the funniest stories and people on the net.
Once, about six years ago or so the monster and I were sippin whisky and talkin about things and he said: all he wanted from life was to walk aound in life and meet all kinds of people, help them with their problems and make their lives better and never realize he was doing good.
I thought that was cool, just like your wishes.

moi said...

Hey, how did I miss this? I love making wishes.

Moi's needs are pretty simple:

1. World peace
2. Write best selling novel, make oodles of money, slum on Capri

NYD said...

What about the third wish?

You are the perfect fit for my Mute Monday theme.

moi said...

Well, if you notice, there are actually FOUR wishes there. I'm grabby that way.

But if, indeed, #2 counts as one, then:

3. Lots and lots of cake, zero caloric gain.

(BTW, are you eating a NYC style slice o'pizza in your avatar? Can you get that in Japan?)