March 03, 2008

How it starts for some people

Mute Monday- Writers and writing.

Don't forget to try something completely different.

This is the vociferous part of this post and it really has nothing to do with writers and writing; which, by the way, is the topic for this weeks mute Monday.

It all comes down to money. That is the single idea that has been taking up space in my head for quite some time now. All of my major problems would disappear if I could just get rid of the debt I have collected.
The odd thing is that I don't live an extravagant life and I don't waste money at all. Just being alive and going through the motions of building a life for my wife and myself has deprived me of all the freedom that I thought I had been working hard to get.

I have heard so many quotes about wealth and money and it's advantages as well as it's down side that I often want to puke when anyone spouts the innocuous platitudes that often flow from ignorant apertures.

Sheeeet, I'll take a rich mans problems over a poor man's anytime.
The wort part of all this is that I feel like I have included my wife in this abysmal situation. She, along with me must endure the stress of working hard, very hard and receiving very little for it.
I don't want to sound like I'm kvetching about not getting rich. It's not completely about the money. It's about the side effects that come along with not quite being able to get ahead of the game.

How far would you go to get your hands on some cash?
Maybe I'll just call that genie back and see if I can't wring another wish outta him.


Mona said...

ask that genie to transport you to India for a while.

According to this year's financial budget they announced a complete loan waiver for the poor...

Do not worry too much about the money part, they say good things happen when you least expect them to happen...

then again... less is not because it is actually less. Less is because we always want more.

PS> if you want to know what really less is about please read my latest post whenever you find some moments to spare...

Pink said...

Hmmm...I've never made enough to really be in the position to wonder if I'm compromising on my morals for money. I've compromised on my health...that is true.

However, what I tend to do, rather than get better paying jobs, is get a lifestyle less expensive.

I travel - but I travel cheap. I splurge not on a fine meal and expensive booze but on an experience - occasional massages or theatre tickets. I live in London but I don't drink or go clubbing and honestly....if I wanted to have a better and cheaper lifestyle, I'd move back to Vancouver (or parts of India, as Mona said - but even India is getting expensive. Thailand perhaps. Africa is just too expensive for foreigners)

And, honestly...for that very reason, I might move.

You live in an expensive part of the world, and so do I. Discretionary income is a myth when you live in places like we do!

But then, I have to admit...except for about 6 months when I was unemployed and not eligible for benefits, I've never been really poor. But you can live really really cheaply when you have to...but that is life as a single person...if I had someone I love in the same boat, it would be very difficult.

So in long (since it ain't short) I guess I've never really been that tested. I hope I could always give up more stuff than substance.


NYD said...

Hi Mona, hey Pink. It's nice to come back to my blog and see two beautiful people here. Mona. I read your post but did not comment on it, sorry. I do believe that things will change and unexpectedly so. I just don't know in which direction they will go.
I'm thankfull for the fact that I am working for myself and not someone else.

Pink~ I ain't too worried about morals when it comes to makin a buck, I mean a shilling, no, some yen.
It's karma that worries me. My karmic wheel, happens to spin quite quickly and any bad thing I doo seems to return with uncanny speed.

Mona said...

nyd, its okay about not commenting, you do not need to apologize there, I am not counting them :) I just want to get my words across that is all!

Yeah, karma does seem to have started traveling by super jets these days; it does not take long to reach you.

Btwn. I saw the picture of your wife & she is such a beauty!

NYD said...

Youve seen My wife, Crispy-Doodle?

Oh you must be talkin about the monkey at the typwriter.

talented, ain't she?

moi said...

Heh. Love your MM interpretation. That monkey sit at the typewriter long enough, it might produce something by Norman Mailer :o)

Anonymous Boxer said...

NICE spin on the MM for this week and I'm happy you've joined in.

Plus, you've added one of my favorite animals; a monkey.

Happy MM!

The Grunt said...

Well, apparently I'm not willing to go far enough because I make bumpkis. I don't spend a lot of money and hardly carry any debt. However, with the introduction of massive medical bills, my priorities are becoming more money centered.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the fun! Love the Suess...Happy MM!

Corn Dog said...

In my previous incarnation, I was a programmer. I was paid fairly well in that vocation. Cancer and a poorly removed brain tumor abruptly halted my earning potential. Now, I live on disability checks. I can't help but compare then and now, but it's never about the money.

The Troll said...

Neat pics. Is that C.S.? I think the monkey is Hillary's speech-writer. Happy Mute Monday!

The Java Junkie said...

Hurrah for Dr. Seuss!!! Love your take on the theme. Happy MM!

VE said...

What is that interesting contraption in the second picture? It looks complicated...

Serena Joy said...

I'm all for trying something completely different. Alas, at my age, such things are getting harder and harder to come by. Money. Hmmm. I make less now than at any time in my adult life, and am really happy with my job. With everything but my salary going up, however, I think I'm going to have to (regrettably) make a change soon.

Kurt said...

At a certain point I realized that my life would always be the way you describe, and that is how it is for a lot of people.

Gypsy said...

I don't think I've visited here before but I love your take on this weeks MM. My favourites are the monkey and Dr Seuss. Great stuff!!

Mona said...

saw her on your February 14th picture meme post, with her cat :)

NYD said...

Wow! And wow, again. There are so many new faces here that I am truly astounded and elated.

Before I get started on the schmoozing, I was wondering if anyone actually figured out that the theme of this weeks Mute Monday actually lay "behind" the pictures. Check out the hyperlinks for this weeks inanity.

Moi~ That is Norman Mailer.

AnonBoxer~ A good pal of mine would love to know that you two share the same love of simians.

Grunt~ I hear ya, buddy. After what you been through I am certain you have the fortitude to handle whatever life continues to throw at you.

Kate~ Welcome to Lilliput! Here in the land of the little people the fun is a neverending succession of silliness....huh?

Corn Dog~ That's right slap me upside the head with a dose of reality. That will help me from stinkin up the place with these brain farts.

Mr.Troll~ C.S.? Not quite sure what you mean, but my imagery wasn't as tough as yours.

Java Junkie~ What was my take on the theme??? Theodore only started things off.

VE~ I'm not certain. I found it in my grandad's garage and it makes a helluva noise when ya touch it. The weird thing is I don't know what it's power source is.

SJ~ It sucks to give up doing something that is fun for a pair of golden handcuffs.

Kurt~ That might be how it is, but I'm going to do my damndest to eradicate the status quo. At least as it concerns my and mine.

Gypsy~ Thanks for dropping by. I really mean that, but does everyone who comments on the MM have to use the same verbiage??

Mona~ I figured that. Hmmm You didn't think I was serious about the monkey???

leelee said...

llama llama duck!

I am so fortunate to be self employed at something (I can't call it work..or a job because it's so much more than that) daily grind is more a lifestyle than work.

My husband and I watched Michael Clayton over the weekend..and looked at each other and remarked how grateful we are that we didn't have to be part of that corporate world.

I'm not being boastful nor snobby, just happy that I am able to do what I do..I feel blessed.

Love the links!

Pink said...

Karma speeding up may be a good sign actually. Perhaps you are getting clearer and closer to 'truth'.

I remember that patanjali said that those who are rooted in truth - what they think is instantly so.

Perhaps it is the same with karma. It could be a great blessing NYD.

When the choice between right and wrong becomes impossible to do anything but 'right' then life is simple, no?


Corn Dog said...

I could not connect the dots and figure out the theme but thanks so much for the links to Murakami's short stories. I just read "On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl." It is fabulous. I am reading the rest. Thanks again.

NYD said...

Leelee~ I don't know who Mr.. Clayton is but anything corporate makes me cringe. I love that you call it a lifestylr rather than a vocation.

You make perfect sense.
There might come a time when I will not have a choice between good and bad, but I hope that is a long time from now....sometimes it's fun being bad.

CornDog~ Don't feel too bad. I don't think many understood it and fewer bothered to ask.

I don't know about you, but almost American I know started out reading with Dr. Seuss. The link for RIF is because that organization is responsible for putting books into the hands of youngsters and probably one of the major forces that keeps us out of the darkness of idiocy.

Later on, aftre getting access to a computer people feel compelled to start using email, chat rooms and possibly a blog might emerge from the depths. The typwriter was linked to blogger because my wordpress blog is inactive (and incomplete) and I don't have a Facebook.

Instead of just being a monkey punching away at the keys a little time ought to be spent in actually learning how to write understandable words. Serena already has more than she can handle with Twisted Linguistics; hence the link to
The llamas are to remind folks that life is fun even when circumstances aren't

Murakami represents what could happen if you put the world that swims around in your head onto paper and let others enjoy it.

Finally the blue plaques, linked to Mr. Tolkien, are what you just might recieve if you are bold enough and ingenious enough to create a masterpiece of art.

A picture really is worth a thousand words