February 10, 2008

Hickory dicory dock...

Time just doesn't want to do exactly what you need from it.
It always seems to be moving at the wrong speed to suit the immediate concerns of the situation.
If I've got some time off you can bet that the minutes and hours will dissapear faster than a third rate candidate the day after super Tuesday.
If there is some overtime to put in; then the clock freezes faster than a computer running on the newest version of Windows.
Look, I know I'm preachin' to the to the republic of 'Tell me something I don't already know'.

I am not too certain that I do my best with the time I do have. Somewhere in the back of my mind I feel a little guilty when I fritter the moments away. kicking back on a sunday afternoon with nothing more planned than watching movies all day leaves me with a sense of guilt. I know that I ain't gonna be able to retrieve the moments I've spent today, but I just couldn't find the energy to get off my ass. To relieve the shame of such indolence I did a couple of loads of laundry, made the bed and washed out the bathtub - during intermissions of course.
I've got tomorrow off as well and I don't believe I'll be able to get away with a repeat performance of today's sloth and total lack of industry.

How do you feel about the time you have?
What do you do with the precious moments?
Enquiring minds want to know.


Anonymous Boxer said...

I am always excited to start my day, but I have too many lists in my head and when (like you) I do give myself some time to do nothing.... it's hard. I box, I make mosiacs from shells, I run my small business. But "relaxing".... this mind needs to think more about what that truly is for me, because time is WAY too precious.

NYD said...

AnonBoxer: Thanks for dropping by.
When you are running your own business you never really get a day off. Stick with the hobbies and activities to keep you healthy and sane.

Izzy said...


We can no longer define what time is. Society has lost sense of time. I think that if the mighty powers bestowed upon us 32 hours a day instead of 24 hours, it still wouldn't be enough for many people...

Time is never off... but never feel guilty about having spare time to yourself... as it's the only time you have to keep in touch with yourself.

I hate to say this, but time has become a precious commodity so take advantage of it whenever it is offered. Even if it means being a total bum for the day watching movies and doing absolutely nothing.

My new location is


I'll bring the glasses


Pink said...

I don't resent wasting time watching movies, if that is what I really want and need to do with my day for my own self care. What I do feel guilty about is the time I've wasted doing unnecessary shit that doesn't make the world a lick better in my day to day job. They've taken far too much overtime from me - unpaid and uncompensated. So, no more.

I've started to think about it a bit more seriously lately. I want to spend my time in ways I really want to spend time - not just in the convenient ways to spend time. Do I go for a walk in the park because I want to go or do I do it because its the best alternative?

So...I need to figure out - what it is I truly want to do and then spend my time there.

There is nothing more wasteful than a 'time pass'. But watching films and chillin' - if its done consciously - can be the best way to spend a day.


puerileuwaite said...

I bring the laundry right in the tub with me. It's really a time-saver.

The only drawback is the bleach makes me look like Edgar Winters, and the fabric softener ... well ... let's just say it works on other things too.

leelee said...

I enjoy my time "off". I finally hired a lady to come and clean our place once a week, and she does the sheets and towels. I used to spend all my free time cleaning and I realized, while it was productive, it gave me no satisfaction. After so many years of cleaning house, I gave the job to someone else.

Now I actually HAVE free time, to do with what I please. Reading, puttering, listening to music, watching films are all on the top of my list.

Life Is Good.

NYD said...

Izzy: I guess that killing time ain't always wastin it.

Pink: Whether what you do makes a difference or not is of some consolation. Whether you are appreciated for said effort is an altogether different and more immediate concern for many folks.

Pug: So the bleaching will turn Black Bart into white Bart and his coat will stay soft and luxurious, right?

Leelee: It's good to hear that you've accepted the bourgeois lifestyle and started hiring from the local peonage to allow yourself a life of leisure and contemplation... Let them eat cake!

leelee said...

Cake indeed!! LOL