February 14, 2008

Me - through my eyes.

Last week, Serena Joy gave us this meme and instead of just writing one out I thought it would be a great idea for a picture post...

Of all the sights you've seen in your daily life over the past week, what was:

1. The cutest

My two ladies.

2. The ugliest

Being under the control of a clock.

3. The most beautiful

These two kids fell asleep after a lesson.

4. The most unusual

A rainbow after a drizzly snowfall. This is the view I see everyday from my windows at work.

5. The most colorful

These boids live in a store display window close to my school.

6. The most boring

Old Man Winter has overstayed his hospitality.

7. The most exciting

The children at my school made this picture out of magnetic poetry tiles!

8. The most sensual

Realizing that someone loves me - everyday.

9. The biggest turnoff

I devote way too much time to work.

10. The one that had the most powerful impact on you

Beer blind taste testing. Literally the most powerful impact.


NYD said...

First comment. Yeaaaaaah.

Um, sorry about all the pic posts of late.

Serena put up a beautiful meme and the number stuff was burning a hole in my pocked and I just didn't know what to do with all the goofiness running around in my head.

VE said...

Great meme post idea. I don't think I'd remember to post after all the beers though...

Izzy said...

I love the view from your work. I have a picture of a window with the outside world hanging on my wall... it just doesn't cut it.

Corn Dog said...

What a great post. Sometimes pictures say so much more than words.

she said...

i loved this post. since i just met you i learned a lot with time economy. thanks! your girls are lovely, and the children too sweet. but i have to say i really enjoy seeing bloggers command centers...i.e. their computer rigs.

leelee said...

Did you apologize for picture posts?? DON'T! I love pictures especially of my bloggy friends..

Never apologize for anything you post...unless of course you are dissin' me.


Anonymous Boxer said...

Those pictures? Especially of your family?

Made my day.

Anonymous Boxer said...

P.S. - Linking you.

The Troll said...

Good eye for visuals. You should play Mute Mondays.

moi said...

Your work desk looks like Moi's. Only without the pack of Marlboro's. Sniff. I miss smoking . . .

Serena Joy said...

What a beautiful job you've done with this. I absolutely love it! How true it is that a picture is worth a thousand words.:)

NYD said...

VE~ It wasn't the beers that did me in, but rather the single malt that came after.

Izzy~ The scenery keeps me from being overly productive for I have a bad habit of staring out of the window instead of working.

CornDog~ Can't disagree with you there!

SHE~ The picture of the command center was an old one, but it still looks almost the same.

Leelee~ I would never diss you, girl. That would blow the only chance I have of having a friend in Fla.

Boxer~ Glad you liked them. I like to think of all the people in my world as family.

Returned the link love!

Troll~ Hmmm. The mute Monday sounds like it could be interesting.
Will have to see what I can do with it next week.

Moi~ To tell the truth I quit smoking and I don't miss it at all.

I have the occasional pang, but life is far more enjoyable without the choking and hacking.

SJ~ Thanks kiddo! I'm glad you liked it. You came up with a wonderful idea. I just did it with a twist.

Pink said...


I love photo posts - in case you didn't notice.