March 22, 2008

100 - 45 = ?

The idea that he would no longer be a part of the Non-conformists league released a chain reaction within his psyche that run amok and opened the door to the obsidian darkness of his mind. He had now come to realize that just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that someone isn't out to get you...TBC

I started this 55 on Friday night but got caught up at another blogger's post, so it didn't get published until Saturday.
I have a lot on my mind and I find it kind of difficult to work out the balance between the desire to use my milk tongue in it's most twisted and turmoiled tempestuous timbre (I just can't seem to let the sleeping dog lie) or simpler, more straightforward vernacular. The ease of telling things 'just as they is' provides me with the ability to engage people on their level, but saying things in my own particular way make's me feel as if I am delivering the exact message I want; even if the recipiant doesn't understand me..
I can't continue . I have just read something concerning me that just makes me feel like shit.

I will come back after I have returned to myself...


The Grunt said...

What did you read that made you feel like shit?

Serena Joy said...

Love the dark, noir nuance!:)

puerileuwaite said...

Was it the old post on my blog? If so, then somehow I feel partially responsible.

NYD said...

Grunt~ Something from someone I trusted and thought was a friend.

Life loves it's rabbit punches.

SJ~ Glad you like the dark side. That is all I am able to deliver these days.

PUG~ Yes you are responsible if when I get to your place there isn't something new for me to read.

Pink said...

NYD - hmm. Sorry you feel like shit, my buddy. Was thinking of you yesterday when I was looking at a travel article on Japan.

I don't know if I always understand you - hell, I can DEFINATELY say I don't always understand you. And, even if I did think I was getting your drift...sometimes I might not agree with it. But, what I can honestly say is that I appreciate when you tell it like it is, like it is with YOU, because that's your truth and I appreciate that.

Sorry about the trust thing. People suck sometimes. We all suck sometimes. Shakespeare couldn't make that shit up.

X. Dell said...

You can always write and publish both versions--in two different blogs, or the same one. After awhile, readers would be able to translate your more esoteric style into plainspeech.

Glad to see you again on my page.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Oh! Do not let anyone make you feel bad about yourself. Don't give that power up.

And I'm sorry. I hope you're back here soon.

VE said...

I don't much care what people write about me; they'll either like me or not...I write for myself really.

Corn Dog said...

I agree about hurting the Pug for new material. Mob Scene.