March 16, 2008

It could happen.

The night of a million leprechauns has come and not a one was to be found in the northern mountains of Japan, more specifically in the city of Morioka; which although might be difficult to locate on a map shouldn't be all that elusive to one of the little people, after all it's just like Lilliput here.
The expatriate contingent has for the last dozen years or so applied to the international legendary and mythical creature department for a leprechaun, alas to no avail. So it comes to pass that another St. Patrick's day will come and go, Guinness and whiskey will flow freely and there will be plenty of blarney to go around, but there will be no Irish representative.

What is St.Patrick's day without a leprechaun? Is there a difference; is it much like Christmas without Santa or Halloween without the Great Pumpkin? Of course, one may revel and pretend to chase snakes and kiss the blarney stone, yet for some reason without the hope of getting my paws on the pot o' gold it just seems like another day of getting blasted albeit with a commercially justifiable reason. If I can't get the gold maybe I can get a taste of some young lass' lucky charms. Um, better forget I said that. I've got enough on my hands now and some girl's sugary marshmallow bits ain't gonna make things better for me in the long run.

I like March. Once you make it past the Ides and find that you are still amongst the living, there's one drinking holiday after another.



Kate said...

Everyone is Irish on St Patrick's Day...

Pink said...


And have a good St. Pats, Passover, Spring Equinox, Easter, and erm...I'm hungover now...shhh