March 13, 2008

When it rains, it pours.

Well it seems that the machine is now working fine. That has nothing to do with my ingenuity, but rather, my wife's. She got the whole mess cleared up and admonished me about surfing the porn sites. ETDs are not only embarrassing, but dangerous as well. Hmmm, does Trojan make laptop prophylactics?

Ironic is how I often describe the circumstances that I find myself.
I also like to use proverbs, aphorisms and adages to describe events and relationships.

It seems quite tragic to me that now after a week of wrestling with this machine whose name ought to be changed to Beelzebub, I now find myself enmeshed in another quagmire of stupidity; laced with just a hint of deceit.

You just have to trust people.
There's no getting around it, you just have to trust people.
And sometimes that trust turns on you and stabs you in the back.
Did anyone notice it was March???

How to deal with betrayal,hmmmm?

H'mmmmmmmmmmm...I really wanted to use this image for Mute Monday, but I guess it works just fine here.


Pink said...

Betrayal...I don't know...I have been betrayed so many times in my life...I know that hatred only eats a hole in my own these days, I grieve on my own for my misplaced trust (sometimes I grieve in public but disguised as pink) and I just go on. I know that I will never trust them ever again.


The Grunt said...

Et tu, Brute?

I was saving this for a blog post, but what the hell. A girl that I had dated before I had my health problems is getting married on March 15th. She was such a dear friend who flaked out on me when my health went bad. There is something cosmic about it, but I can't quite put my finger on it right now.

VE said...

There are so many people I would like to trust, so few that I actually go ahead and do.

leelee said...

I go with my gut and trust in Karma.

Serena Joy said...

Trust is a delicate, touchy area. You can't do it blindly. Too many times, you get blindsided even when you go into it with your eyes wide open. I think it's one of those areas where you have to tread carefully ... and look out for swords.

Corn Dog said...

Depends on the severity of the betrayal. Have you been shanked with a rusty blade in the back or merely clawed by a spork on your wool sweater? Was it Judas or Brutus who attacked you or I Love Lucy. Betrayal requires a setting and circumstances, characters and intentions. Will a few days and some beer make a difference?

Mona said...

Surrender is a decision., the greatest decision there is...To trust somebody is a decision.

The risk is there. Who knows that the other may be just deceiving...You fall in love with someone, who knows he may murder you in the night , or she may run away with your bank balance ?...

But you risk : otherwise love is not possible.

Yes, you have to trust people...
Decision is needed in life, for each moment without decision creates fragmentariness in you. On the contrary, each moment decided, by & by makes you integrated. Through decisions you become decisive...

How to deal with betrayal?


Just live by the policy that, First, no one is born for other. Then second, no one is here to fulfill the ideals of others as to how he or she should be. Third, you are the master of your own self. You can give as much as you want , but you cannot demand from the other person, because no body is a slave.

Once you understand this, dealing with betrayal becomes easy...

What? No 55ve?

NYD said...

Hey all. Thanks for all the really great comments. They have given me much to ruminate upon.

I will do my best to turn this into something positive.

If you close the book then ya can't read what's between the covers.

Will try to post a little more often if I can, but I am sure that you folks understand that I am just a little bit swamped with stuff to take care of.


Anonymous Boxer said...

I always tell myself that while I can't stop bad things from happening... I am in complete control of how it ultimately affects me. Then, I hit a heavy bag for about an hour.

leelee said...

what Anon Boxer said....I love that!