April 16, 2008

I got a pile 'o shit waitin fer me!!!

I may be drinkin', but I'm not jokin.

Glad you decided to join me.
I am about ten days away from gettin my butt back home to New York.
It ought to be a time of rejoice and celebration, but I think I will be quite busy while I am there.
That won't stop me from doing my best and having a bit of fun.

If I am lucky, I will be able to take in a Mets game and visit MOMA.
If not then, I will just have to settle for the best damn pizza, bagels and cheesecake in the whole wide world. (Diets and travel are inherently incompatible.)

I used to think that Japan was well connected to America and had resolved the bashing of the 80's, but apparently that hasn't happened. For most folks a direct flight from Tokyo to The rotten core of the Big Apple would not be surprising, but for some god-awful reason I must take four different airplanes to get from here to there. FOUR! I am not shitting you!
I will take pictures of them and steal the safety cards from the seat rests and post them all .

Why the hell do I have to fly on Vinny Boom Batz airlines???

Where are we going
What travel stories do you have?
Will you be in NY at the end of the month?
If so drop me a line and I will do my best to contact you.

Who knows, you might just end up livin and working in Japan.

The Sushi is great!


Pink said...

I love sushi

I'm ready

How long you in the rotten apple?

leelee said...

oh my...are you coming with Crispy? email me with your dates.. I've been thinking about going up..


leelee said...

oh Pink..how fun!

she said...

maybe i can get a gig as an art teacher in japan. i'll teach western classics, they teach me manga. and then i will go to a zen garden and zzzzzzzzzzzz. grrrherhahaha
how long will you be at home? is it like a spring break? for you, i mean, i know the kids have to go to cram school.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I won't be in NY at the end of the month, but I'm glad you'll be home for a visit. I'm sure you pack as many bagels as you can in while you're there. My parents used to bring them back for us when we were small. And pretzels.

And just to add; I love sushi too.

VE said...

I can't argue with you about the bagels. You can't get a bagel like one from NYC. Even if somebody ships them from NYC its not the same...

K said...

Once, I joined my GF on her work trip to the Bahamas, and we flew JFK to Nassau direct (what else?). One of the other couples got in very late and said they had taken three flights to get there. We said "JetBlue flies direct," and they said "Really?" Afterward, my GF told me that the woman in the couple was a travel agent. Huh?

ThursdayNext said...

Mmmm...but New York is worth five flights if it means coming home for Mets games, hot dogs at Coney Island, seeing all the Picassos at MOMA, having brunch at Balthazar, and walking through Central Park. :) Glad you are coming home for a bit!

NYD said...

Pink~ Will be there from the 24th till the 30th. I can't get away for any longer than that unfortunately.

Leelee~ If I tried to head back home without Crispy she would rattle my brains with a frying pan.

She~ I'd love to see you do a manga-esque painting. It sure would be a unusual mix of east - west- the tropics and a twist of lemon.

A-boxer~ Since I can't bring any of the things I love most back with me, I tend to stuff my face during the entire trip.

VE~ It's the attitude of the waiters at the restaurants and the people in general that add to the flavor of the food there.

Kurt~ That lady was probably my travel agent!

Thursdaynext~ Stop! AStop, please stop. Your comments are making my mouth water and my soul is clamoring to board the plane this instant!

Serena Joy said...

It may be a bit of a pain getting there, but once you're in NY you'll have such a great time you'll forget all about that. Have a wonderful time!

X. Dell said...

Sounds more like Jed Clampett airlines.

Mets and MOMA are a good combination. Highly recommended.

Are you staying in NYC, or do you have to go back to Japan?

lime said...

well have a safe trip. it sounds wearying at best!

glad to hear you favor the mets not the yankees.

have a great time!

leelee said...

let me know...leelee only needs one plane to get to NY

moi said...

I'd endure forty bazillion flights for a chance back in da Big Apple. I love NYC. You lucky ducky – enjoy!

NYD said...

SJ~ You are probaqbly right. I'll be so busy dodging taxicabs that I won't have a second to think about the inanity of getting to point B.

X-Dell~ Well I sure hope the stewardesses look like Ellie Mae.

I am only back for a visit, but the idea of returning home has been flitting through my head.

Lime~ Never the Yanks, my sweet.
I was born and raised rootin fer the one and only Amazing Metropolitans!

Leelee~ That is an amazing offer, but I will only be in town for about six days. from the 24th~30th.
That's a pretty tight window.

Moi~ I would too, but being from the city entitles me liscense to complain about it throughout the entire trip.

Oh,yeah- Don't eat that apple!

The Grunt said...

Hey now, I thought Vinny Boom Batz airlines served a great Italian beef sandwich on their flight.