April 18, 2008

Testing the water.

I am amazed! I mean it.
This is the first time in what feels like forever that I have been able to sit in front of a computer and do something other than work. Don't get me wrong, I love work. I think that being productive and industrious is one of the things keeping me from becoming senile. I just believe that there is a whole lot more to life than makin bacon

I am going to stop for a moment and take my virtual hat off to The Grunt, a great guy and excellent musician. He gave me a couple of CD's of his own music and I enjoy listening to them. After two weeks of practicing guitar, my fingers are sore and tender. I can't imagine what the strings of an electric guitar could do to your fingers in the first few weeks of practice, but I have heard some pretty awful stories.

Random thoughts run though a sieve of consciousness.
Life is meant to be lived! dilly dallying ain't so bad, but only if it serves no purpose whatsoever.

Testicles are meant to be drained at regular intervals. This service announcement is brought to you by the Willy Wanker Cootchie Coterie.

I'm sorry. Bicycle accidents are fuckin hilarious!

I have done some strange things but I often find myself bewildered by the endearing nicknames I give people.
I once called a friend a "trippy okra leaf". She said it was a turning point in our friendship.
What's the strangest pet name or diminutive you've ever given a person?

There is a deep love in my heart for the myriad ways that words are woven and weft to form a tapestry of tales and conversation.
I just wish I could talk like a Hollywood star of the 40's. If I could do that than I just might even fart elegantly.

There is no reason NOT to overdo things.
Vices are what keep us from becoming intolerable perfectionists.
People like you more when they think you are capable of fucking things up a whole lot better than they can.

Dogs vs. Cats.
Versus, hmmmm:

The twist of a word, it's etymology and it's branches always keep me on my toes when talking about language.
I almost never get to talk about the finer points of words with landsmen. We always are totally self assurred about the words we use. Don't even think about correcting a person on there choice of veracular nor their grammatical employment, it could be ... fatal.
One of my students taught me a palindrome that I had not heard of before.
I just love surprises! I will buy him a portmentau.
[ellipsis] stick em in the same room and wait for --[aposiopesis].

Having fun yet? Just coose the one thing that makes you puzzled or lost and comment about it!


Pink said...

ok i'm rather vexed, puzzled and troubled about how to coose something.


(smart asses on bicycles make the funniest accidents)

VE said...

The fingers reminds me that I was lucky when I took up learning the steel guitar for the first time. I was a rock climber big time at that point and so my finger tips were already so callaused that they didn't get phased at all! Amazing. If I were to go back and do it now (alas, didn't continue playing) I'd be mince meat.

Serena Joy said...

I am puzzled by okra. And oysters. I don't see how anyone can eat them. I am greatly troubled by the mentality that can pop something into their mouth that looks and/or feels like ... well, you know.:)

lime said...

yeesh, i agree with serena joy and her assessment of oysters.....blech..

as to your post...
i don't recall ever giving an especially weird nickname but i did receive one. my sophomore yr of HS i was known as "euglena" for providing a particularly demonstrative example how that paramecium propelled itself by flagella.

NYD said...

There was one other thought I would like to add.

I would rather do without some things than to get something of cheaper quality at a more affordable price.

Pink~ you could always make up something to comment on.

P.S. I might have found a really good deal on a camera (^-^)

VE~ You could always get a sandpaper keyboard to toughen that skin up again.

SJ~ I don't see the problem with eating either of them things. In fact, I have eaten things that would make a billy goat puke.

Lime~ I'm trying to work out the image in my stunted imagination, but I just can't do it.

Would you consider a comeback performance posted on Youtube?

Kurt said...

The modern world makes me puzzled.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

"Vices are what keep us from becoming intolerable perfectionists."

No one says it like you do :)

Best nickname- "Sunshine"
funniest- "Tweedledum", and my best friend is "Tweedledee".
Yep...I am the "dumb" one! lol :)