April 21, 2008

Poets All

With me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion.

Edgar Allen Poe.

I often wonder what kind of, if any at all, legacy I will leave behind. Milan Kundera, a wonderful writer, talked about this in his book "Immortality". He touched on many topics throughout the story and I felt that the discussions between Hemingway and Goethe were fabulous. I found this quote:
Hemingway:"Instead of reading my books, they're writing books about me, That's immortality,"
Goethe: "Immortality means eternal trial."

Now eternal trial just might not be what most people expect from fame. They don't expect it in their day to day existence either, but that's pretty much what we get from the first gurgling cry to the final whisper.

I am trying to find a book that will keep me occupied on the flight from Lilliput to Brobdingnag.
Aside from the usual assortment of toys, paperwork, half finished lesson plans and reference books I have added a selection of stories I thought I might want to read again. Immortality was one. Lord Jim, Nine Stories, Mr. Vertigo and Stranger in a Strange Land were others. All of these stories give me great pleasure and I never tire of re-reading them for they change with each reading and become all the more precious to me.

You got any stories that do that for you?
What do you look for in a book to keep you occupied?

Now that I think of it, I don't really want to take these stories on the road.
Maybe you can suggest something different.

I'll be leaving on Thursday morning so I will try and squeeze in a little toodaloo before I take off.


Mona said...

I am trying to find a book that will keep me occupied on the flight from Lilliput to Brobdingnag.

I think you are looking for Gulliver's Travels. :D ( Surely your journey can't be THAT long!)

Lord Jim (Yelch) . I like Farewell to Arms better! ( I wish one president of a large nation would say that soon enough now ! )

Yes there are a lot of stories that really does that to me! There is one called Second Thoughts by a Shobha De that reflects my life...

I search for the mysteries of Life in books & they make me reflect upon my own in a new light at times. Multiple points of views too can provide interesting angles to a story and Stream of consciousness makes you tread the thin line that lies between the subtle and the gross.

Take some short stories with you. They are the best to read while traveling.

lime said...

In the Name of Honor: a Memoir by Mukhtar Mai is a quick read but so incredibly thought provoking.

as for alod standby's...Le Petit Prince bu Antoine de St. Exupery. yes, it's a children's book but the grownups among us have much to learn from it.

safe travels!

NYD said...

Mona! Hello.

It's been a while. How was the holiday? Good, I hope.

Short stories, hmmmmm. You might have something there.

Lime~ I love children's books. Good thing too 'cause I use them in my classes all the time. But "Le Petit Prince." might just remove any New Yawker facade I might want to paint myself with.

X. Dell said...

(1) I recognize all of the gentleman except for the one immediately over John Lennon.

(2) I re-read books all of the time, but don't particularly enjoy the excercise. Sometimes, I just don't have the scratch to buy a new book. Most often, howver, I am re-reading it to dissect it.

(3) I have no desire to be famous. I would prefer that my work be famous.

The Grunt said...

MAD Magazine and a bunch of crosswords. That will keep you busy.

VE said...

Who drew those? I like 'em!

moi said...

Well, I have a teensy weensy problem when it comes to flying. It scares me to freakin' death. So I can only read the dumbest stuff while in the air, the fluffiest, most preoccupyingliest, celebrity gossipiest, frilly fashion-filled shit imaginable.

Somehow, I don't see that working for you.

But once I land, I pop open my always at the ready copy of Flannery O'Connor's short stories. Ever inspirational.

Kurt said...

"If somebody wants to sing my songs after I'm gone, nobody will be happier than my dead body." - Richard Rodgers.

I just read the Best American Essays of 2007, and I can recommend it.

Anonymous said...

These are outstanding! Great MM!

ThursdayNext said...

The fact that you have Cash there just makes me think ten times more of you, and I regard you highly. ;) Happy MM!

Pink said...

On flights I look for something that will capture my attention despite distractions but which I can put down for a snooze if I want. And I always look for books with unforgettable characters. Two have hit me like that. The Kite Runner had some excellent characters and What the Body Remembers was the first book where I ever finished reading and later wondered "I wonder what that character is doing today"

Have a safe and entertaining trip :)

NYD said...

X. Dell~ Hmm I shall leave you a hint, a rather large one. That which floats above his head is not a halo, but the one ring.

Dissecting books does not sound like fun.

If your work becomes famous then ipso facto...

Grunt~ Mad magazine will have to wait for the return trip. We don't get them here.

VE~ I wish I could tell you. I boosted them from a magazine article I read and have been using them as wallpaper.

Moi~ In the past trashy spy novels used to do it for me. I would devour them and leave on the plane.
Now they just put me to sleep and I end up with a bad case of jet-lag.

Kurt ~Will look for it during my stay. I have to stock up on a goodly amount of reading material.

Kate~ Thank you ma'am.

Thursdaynext~ Leaving Johnny out just wouldn't be right. The man had the best of messages for us.

Pink~ Hmmm More titles for me to look up while browsing through my local book shop.

P.S> I kinds cheated and bought a camera. I t is officially school property, but I have a feeling that it will fill in until I can get the one I really want.

Mona said...

NYD, for a real eye treat you can visit Peter's Photo blog . That is marvelous! You have the link in his profile!

Serena Joy said...

I love this post! The pictures are wonderful and match your ruminations perfectly. I think Stranger in a Strange Land might make a great reread for the flight from Lilliput.:)

NYD said...

Mona~ Been there done that. The guy is very talented and has a lot of really great friends.

SJ~ Thank you! It's a struggle to make the stuff that goes on in my head make sense to others.
Glad you grokked me.

Peter said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog! Saw that you came to me via Mona! Couldn't have a better reference!

You site seems very interesting. I'm too busy right now, but I promise! I will be back!

The Mad magazine? Does that still exist? I was a regular reader in the 60's!