May 12, 2008

Better late, than...

When it comes to New york

You're either thinkin 'bout a slice,
(the price of this one was a little out of my league.)

or a dirty water dawg
(Thanks Leelee. I ain't ever heard it put that way before.)

It's all a walk in the park and the city doesn't seem to follow you once you're there.

This would be a perfect place for a rabbit hole.

I reckon you can guess what kind of smile I was wearing when I took this...

There are countless surprises just waiting to pounce on you

It might be Spring, but Pollock makes it feel like Autumn Rhythm

There are so many more pictures of our time in the city and I know that if I show them all to you I would be risking unconditional shunning and removal of my Blogging rights.
Suffice it to say that we had a good time. Spending a couple of days with the people you care about and relaxing among the sights and sounds of your hometown often provides me with a revitalizing energy that lets me get back to the everyday stuff and approach it with the lack of seriousness that most life deserves.

Check out Tobacco Road for more shots like this one.


lime said...

wonderful. thanks for sharing these shots. it's so good to have that chance to spend with people you love and refresh your spirit with home.

Pink said...


What great photos - I love the pizza - who was the artist?

My favourite is the one of your wife against the art on the wall...a new work of art is created in that moment. Gorgeous


Going down to Tobacco Road :)


VE said...

God bless New York for protecting Cental Park from further development. It is like escaping the city. Here in Portland we have what is called Forest Park, it's the largest untouched urban forest in the country. You can hike 30 miles right from the heart of the city and you wouldn't even know you were in the city.

X. Dell said...

Nice shots of Central Park. I love that place. Of course, if you've spent any time in the city at all, you'd appreciate that oasis of green in a desert of steel, concrete and asphalt.

And it's funny too how food can really signify home. When I lived in England, I had this craving for Hostess Twinkies. I actually hate Hostess Twinkies. But it was something I couldn't get there, and just that fact alone made me long for it, for it was at least familiar and unique.

Like New York pizza.

The Grunt said...

I need to make a real trip to NY one of these days. The only time I was in NY was a four-hour layover at JFK. That was when I was being shipped over to the UK to "share green Jello recipes from God" with the Brits. I remember walking past some lady in that airport and it pissed her off. She really gave it to me in this thick NY accent. Man, I was straight outta Mayberry and about pissed myself.

Serena Joy said...

I LOVE the pictures, dude! What great shots. And if the young lady is Crispy, she's a doll.:)

moi said...

Gah, I miss NYC. Thanks for sharing so I could enjoy vicariously.

leelee said...

I love those photos...and I love NY!

You NEVER Called those franks dirty water dawgs?? well now you will!


she said...

welcome home!! i too like the photo of your wife against autumn rhythm. who painted the pizza??
i didnt see all you saw in central park but i did ice skate. not well tho'

NYD said...

I gots ta tell ya all that I am totally confounded!
I must've taken over 300 pics and my computer will not read one of the cards.

Many of the really cool pics that I have taken since my return to Japan are momentarily lost in limbo.

When they return to this earthly plane they will be posted.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to be able to bring home to the world. Seeing thru your eyes is almost picture perfect. How you see NY and what memories you create, makes me...actually...hungry. LOL. What in the world did you put on that HotDog?
The Jackson Pollock is incredible. Then again they were just drippings of paint. Where did you capture that one? Crispy seems amazed by it. I do hope you can retrieve all the other pics. You seem to have an eye, capturing the sites, bringing out the realism of what you see. I can almost smell the food, hear the noise and be awed by the serenity of it's nature. Thanks again for sharing.
J.G. - No I'm not Tony...LOL.

Corn Dog said...

Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing. I love this last one.

puerileuwaite said...

You both are WAY more photogenic than Scary was.

leelee said...


Mona said...

isn't New York awesome! I love it!

Nice pictures NYD I am glad you had so much fun.

Kurt said...

Wow - I should get over to Central Park more often. But it takes 15 minutes on the train.