June 19, 2008

Hey there folks. I am going to make this a group hug, lets visit the ashram and watch the sun rise kind of thang...

The fact that I am still blogging and answering your messages is a perfect sign that I am safe and sound. (Still lucky after all these years: a la Paul Simon)

Earthquakes here are quite common. I believe that more folks are killed in tornadoes in America and car crashes in Europe than by temblors here in Japan. I could be wrong, but it wouldn't be the first time.

The Japanese Govt, Is doing a bang up job. Then again this is the only time the earn their keep.
Dog, Baby we are all OK go and celebrate the marriage of your friends.
Little PINK. Don't freak nor fear any sounds the military throws your way. Listen to the beating of your heart and the rhythms of the moon.

Mona my sweet, we have been watching the old man mountain (which is actually a volcano) to see if he wanted to party. Fortunately , he didn't. He might just change his mind.

Moi~ Don't boycott the news. Escape from it! Sir , Kurt. The worst images are from the liquor stores. The agony, the aaaaggoonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyy.


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I assumed you had survived.