June 19, 2008

I won't start anything new.

How to tell you folks about all the nutty shit that's been travelling through my brain for the past ten days?
Impossible at the moment.
I am so fuckin' confused that the only thing I have been able to join in on is the disjointed convoluted conversation between meMyselfandI.
Instead I will give you this. Sometimes it's just easier to answer someone else's questions than figure out how to say what you want to say without mucking things up.

I give you, a Meme:

1. At what age do you wish to marry divorce?
Hmmm wonder if Crispy still reads this thing.

2. If the end was near and you had the chance, what would you say to your beloved?

3. If sex is a game … would you be good at it?
It is a game. I love to play. Wish I could play more often.
Doesn't matter if you win or lose, just don't cheat.

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Inside myself. It's quiet there, sometimes too quiet.
Hey there's an echo in here, cho in here, n here, ere.

5. If you could have one dream come true, what would it be?
That I could figure out what it is I am here for.

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
No. Not unless I am living in the jungles of Borneo or some such place.

7. What are you most afraid to lose?
My self respect.

8. If you won $1 million, what would you do?
Have one helluva good time!!!

9. If someone broke your hand, what would you do?
I'd be grinning cuz I done broke it on his jaw.

10. List 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
She's sweet, honest, intelligent, has a great sense of both humour as well as justice and is quite pleasant to the eyes. (You ought to know that I don't play by the rules all the time.)

11. How would you feel if your parents stopped giving you cash to spend?
That happened a long time ago. I just wished I could have returned the favor.

12. Describe your fantasized-life.

13. What is your ambition?
To live my life without fucking someone else's up and to have others do the same for me.

14. What is the one thing that would make you think someone is bad?
There are lots of things that make me think someone is crap, but being a litterbug has to be at the top of the list.

15. What are the most important things in your life?
Everything is important. How it ranks is more of a matter of timing than anything else. For example I don't walk around with a life preserver strapped to my chest, but if I just happened to survive a disaster at sea; that would be the most important thing in my life. That is until the sharks arrived...

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?

17. If you had the chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
Nothing! I am perfect in my imperfections!

18. Do you believe in yourself?
Abso-fuckin-lutely! (see question 17.)

19. Honestly, do you think life is fair?
Honestly, do you think that question is worth taking the time to answer it?

20. Are you an optimist or pessimist?
Realist, but not dogmatic about it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit.

So you're one of those smart-ass meme answerers, are ya? I like that.

NYD said...

Citizen~ Thanks for returning the visit.
I hadn't realized that I was being a smart ass. Wow, you must be really great at your job.

I will link you up as soon as I get home.

moi said...

I love your answer to number 19. "Fair" is my least favorite word in the world. "Self-respect," one of my favorites. Number 9, giggle. That's so guy. A girl would be all: "I'd learn to put my shoes on with the OTHER hand." Wait, that's most likely just Moi. Anyway, I hope whatever is causing you confusion gets unconfuzzeled soon. Peace. (That's a good word, too.)

NYD said...

Hey Moi. How ya doin?
As for No. 9 the other hand would probably be broken too. I'm absolutely useless in a fight.
Peace is a fabulous word and its easier to live with.

lime said...

so you're saying you need another visit to the hughes'? hugs to you.

The Troll said...

Number 9: Grrherhahahahahhaha!

Some of the others were profound but I can't remember them now. 20 Questions is a LONG meme.

NYD said...

Hey Troll. Seems like people are diggin No.9. Must be a John Lennon thing.

leelee said...

#9 #9 #9 #9


Mona said...

OMG! shit traveling in the labyrinth of your mind & that too a shit which is nutty!!!
This sounds like an emergency!

The so called 'disjointed convoluted conversation between memyselfandI sounds like Stream of Consciousness in another jargon.

Now I will go & read your meme!

Anonymous said...

I love your answers! You are a very interesting man with a very level headed view.

You're #15, I'm not sure that I've ever been able to verbalize it before but thats how I see things too. What may seem gratuitous or even useless this week may well save your life next week.

Moral of the story - never take anything for granted nor totally dismiss it because what may be less than important right now may one day rule your world.

Mona said...

AH! This meme is getting popularar & more popularar by leaps & bounds! I had no Idea that I was coming to a treat of a round table opinion conference! YAYYY!

#1.( shouts out loud) CRISPPPPPYYYY! COME & READ THIS!

#2. Good. You have good manners!

#3. LOVE this answer...That is the sporting spirit!

#4. I think you are piling in zeros ( Go figure, & if you can't you can ask me)

#5. Your dream is about to come true. Let me tell you. Life has no purpose other than itself.You call it Life, you call it Existence you call it God , you call it YOU. Life contains everything that is needed, moreover it needs no proof. You are Life. You are the proof. You are the argument. You cannot deny life. Millions have denied God, but how can you deny Life? It is the beating of your heart, the showing in your eyes, the expressing in your love. Life is the aim of EVERYTHING, hence life cannot have aim other than itself. Its aim is intrinsic. YOUR aim as Life is Intrinsic. Life aka you, has it within itself to grow, to expand, to celebrate, to love. These are all the aspects of You as Life.( pant pant! Water!)

#6. Sensible answer

#7. Indeed that is another truth.

#8. :D What is your definition of Good Time?

#9. EGO TRIP! beware! Not a wise thing to do!

#10. I agree. Serena is one helluva
dashing personality!

#11.Return it backwards... that is from where they stopped...

#12. No? :D

#13. To each his own Huh? Fair enough. I wish Nations would do that too!

#14.So? What Is at the top of the list?

#15. Yea...priorities are indeed relative ( clap clap for that answer)

#16. hehehe

#17. Bravo! well said! each one of us are perfect as we are...Only I would like to make a few changes here & there to make my ass more comfortable( I am a comfort freak!) :D


#19.Honestly I think its worth a thought. as much as 'to be or not to be' because once you come to terms with even the answer in the negative, life will become less frustrating in that knowledge.

#20.hmmm... Life is like a river of eternal flow.. blah blah blah....

Serena Joy said...

I love, love, love what you did with this. Your answers are terrific. And admit it, this was way better than thinking about all that stuff in your head that you don't want to think about.:)

Ming the Merciless said...

I love reading memes but I would never answer them.

NYD said...

Leelee~ I really loved the shots you took! Everyone, quick, run over to Leelee's place and check them out.

Mona~ Piling in zeros??...?
Will have to think on that. As for #8, gimme a million bucks and you can see for yourself!

SJ~ You hit the nail on the head!
Thanks for cluing me in on this one. I believe that I will search out another and see if I can't get rid of some more bugaboos.

Ming~ Welcome! Nice to see you on these pages too. Man I just love lookin at your snapshots.

Alot of people feel the same way about memes. I like the analysis.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Excellent replies. My husband doesnt' read my blog anymore and I'm being so nice to him. I guess he doesn't have to check up on me. I used to piss him off a lot.

17 and 18--well done.

Allan said...

I like your answers.

"To live my life without fucking someone else's up and to have others do the same for me."

If everyone thought like that, we'd certainly have a lot less sorrow in the world.

Claudia said...

Glad I found you. Trolled over from Mona....I will return!! You write well...very well...glad to hear I am not the only one that has conversations with self and often does not understand...* laughs *