June 13, 2008

I never said this

"Some bend to the left."
"I Know.There's nothing you can do about it."
"So, what do we do?"
"We keep checking each one until we find one that goes straight."
"Are you serious? That could take all night. I'm already exhausted"
"Lets just do a few more."
"Who is the wind-up toy for, anyway?"


The Grunt said...

Long live Scary Monster! BTW, I dedicated a post to you, man.

Kurt said...

I like straight ones.

puerileuwaite said...

Thank God it turned out to be a wind-up toy. I was fearing for the worst.

moi said...

Your daily reality seems way surreal. Lucky you.

NYD said...

Grunt. YOU DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Kurt~ Thanks fer clearing up the glasses thing. I was trully puzzled.

Keepin 'em straight is what it's all about.

Pug~ That is one bad wind up toy, my man.

Moi~ Anything worth saying once ought to be repeatable. "Take some time and look at the world around you- Amazing, isn't it?"

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I am so happy to see that Scary M is still out and about even if he isn't walking the straight line!

Enemy of the Republic said...

As usual, Pug puts my discomforts into eloquent prose.

ThursdayNext said...

Eeeeep...what the heck is that thing????

Anonymous said...


I <3 you!

NYD said...

O-Girl~ The Scary one is still alive and Stompin'. No worries about it.

NME~ The Pug's prose would possibly prove less pernicious or perturbing were it provided with a proper dose of Prozac. in other words, picayune.

Thursdaynext~ Ahh one of the unfortunate few who have never met the Monster.

Grrrrl~ Right back at ya! {HUG}

Mona said...

Lucky whoever for who the monster is being searched with so much deliberation on perfection.

Now that is another food for a thought...that 'a perfect monster' must exist too...

Pink said...

ahahahahahahahaha choo (sorry, allergies)

I love that ScaryMan :)

From what I know of him...he's DEFINATELY a straight monster :)