June 11, 2008

Campus Contemplations

I really have to be fair. I mean, before I put my students on display, I really ought to show you where I teach so you can see for yourself one of the many reasons I continue to bear the burden of Sisyphus. Weird, lately I have been referring to icons of Greek mythology. Actually fair has very little to do with it. I just spent the morning walking around campus with my camera and wanted to share it with you. Tradition and Modern architecture coexist in a verdant campus that contains gardens, fountains, pools, fields of livestock and farmland.

botanical gardens

School of broadcasting

Of course there are more and I will be posting them on Tobacco Road as soon as I get the chance.

I am often in awe of how thoroughly seasons and the weather change the appearance of my town. It was only a few short months ago that we were buried in snow and very soon the rainy season will be upon us. Summer will follow and I will do my best to maintain an amiable facade until the autumn chill turns the city and the surrounding mountains into a panoply of exploding trees.
Right now it's the upcoming rain that I worry about. Some of you live in places where constant rainfall occurs and you have learned to live with it, but for me, every year the rains, called Tsuyu 梅雨, drive me batty. I know they are important but the continuous downpour and incessant sound of raindrops hitting pavement, rooftops and umbrellas makes me irritable.

Not to mention that almost every umbrella in this country is held at the perfect leve to gouge out my eyes.

If we are lucky, we will have a week of deluge and then clear skies and a warm summer. If lady luck is hangin out in some other part of the world we could have eight weeks of overcast skies, torpid atmosphere and the kind of humidity that causes even the most mild mannered folk to fly off the handle.

I'm praying for heavy showers and great big splashable puddles.


lime said...

a month of rain in may nearly drove me out of my mind. i feel your pain. and umbrellas at eye gouging level can't help. i'll give the hughes' your regards.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are beautiful and thank you for visiting my main site today.

Anonymous said...

P.S - I linked you on my diary depressing blog. I hope its OK. Your site makes me smile.

Kurt said...

You need to get you some clear eyeglasses.

The Grunt said...

There was a short story by Ray Bradbury where these astronauts were stranded on Venus and the constant rain falling drove them insane.

The Mighty Beluga said...

It's weird; sometimes when it rains forever i think that I grow used to it and ignore it, but when it finally stops, I feel very light and airy and fluffy like all that dandelion down that begins floating in the air and irritating my eyes and causing a whole other dilemma...

Pink said...

a grumpy NYD?


I'm praying for drought, in that case ;)


NYD said...

Thanks lime. I might try to find a similar kind of spot. It will sure beat sittin in the car. LOL

Jgrrl~ No thanks necessary. I would recommend your spot to anyone.
I'll have your link up shortly.

Kurt, um, could you tell me why?

Grunt~ He must have been living in Japan when he wrote it. Both foreign and wet.

TMB~ Welcome to the 'other' blog.
Dont get me started on pollen. It sometimes looks as if it's snowing in summer.

Pink~ A few showers I don't mind. It makes the flowers happy and the rice robust, but there are limits to everything.

puerileuwaite said...

Maybe the obsession with Greek Mythology is an early sign of moisture madness.

NYD said...

It could also be a craving for a gyro.

BTW how is Bart?

Kurt said...

For to protect you from the umbrellas.

puerileuwaite said...

Bart is getting bigger, and is still as evil as ever, I'm afraid.