June 08, 2008

Much ado about sumpin

There is one good thing about weekend posts- most nobody reads 'em.
That makes this a really good opportunity to accept Pink's tag and Take care of a Mute Monday pic post that has been giving me trouble all week. I hope that the Troll will pick an easier subject for next week's theme.

First the tag: Pink was tagged by Ruela who was tagged by Shadow Lor who was tagged by someone who was tagged by somebody's older sister's second cousin who just happened to have an interesting idea while waiting for a red light to change at Heartattack and vine (I dare you to visit the links; goldarn double dare ya!)

These are the rules:

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you.Done did that already.
2. Mention the rules on your blog. Um, well here they are.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours... Don't touch that channel

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them:> I guess that this is as good a place to start as any...

The first unspectacular thing that you couldn't care less about me is, I often break the rules and do the exact opposite of what someone wants of me

(This is and has been a part of being part of the non-conformists union since 1976- members totalling close to 150, 000!)

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged...
Well we won't be doing that, but if ya feel like contributing some kind of silliness, go ahead, knock yourself out.
You're gonna hafta click to read and see the rest.
I don't like memes, unless I do, but then those are the ones that actually make me look intelligent or at least esoteric and somewhat mysterious .

The second unspectacular thing that you might make you a little bit tingly about me is that I absolutely, unconditionally do not put up with ill-mannered people.

Number three on the list is that I love solitude. (that's why you blog, isn't it?)

Four: I am an elitist snob. There I've said it! I truly believe (Just like all of you.) that I am the next best thing since God gave us instant noodles.

No. 5: I actually hate confrontation and violence.
(funny that you used to make money perpetrating it.)

The final innocuous quirk that I will reveal about myself is- I am always angry with myself for the complete waste of intelligence and talent I might have developed. (Someone should do a Marlon Brando impersonation right about here.)

Are you still with me here?
The self portraits below were taken in my automobile.

The theme is

When people fight you need two active participants.
Tonight I decided that I wouldn't partake in the feelings of stress and anger that Crispy, My wife, decided to display.

It is many hours later and I still don't know what she is upset about. Eventually she will tell me or she won't
When the poop hit the rotary oscillator; I left. I sat in my car for more than three hours with myself and felt completely at a loss.

Humans can do amazing things to each other and of all the crazy shit, the ability to twist someone into a ball of confusion is, without a doubt, the most nefarious and malicious occurance that takes place between two people. This is what I look like when I am utterly at a loss.



Serena Joy said...

I don't see your quirks as all that quirky, mainly because I have most of them, too.:)

Love the pix, albeit they were taken during a period of oscillating poo. You look so contemplative there. Hope Crispy came clean and all is well now.

ThursdayNext said...

I love that you are an elitist snob. :) Hope you are more well rested!

Enemy of the Republic said...

thanks for not tagging me. Considered yourself linked to my silly blog.

NYD said...

SJ~ It's the silliness we all share that keeps us visiting each other.

Thursdaynext~ There shall be no rest for the weary.

Many miles to go before I sleep.

Enemy~ I couldn't tag you. You have enough on your plate as it is.

Thanks for the link!

Pink said...

no way man.

you are way way way better than instant noodles :)

hope things are getting sorted with you and your beloved

Anonymous Boxer said...

It is the ulitmate "fight", you're right. I like the pictures of your moods.

Now go say you're sorry. ;-)

I truly hope all is back to normal in your world tonight.

Corn Dog said...

Somehow I never pictured you as an elitist snob. You are from New York and living in Lilliput? And work at a school. Sounds very sincere and down to earth.

The pictures make me sad. I blow on my significant other, and he looks the same. The truth be known you are both the best things since instant noodles. Thanks for the pictures. I will remember them the next time my temper flares and put a cork in it.

lime said...

i feel ya pain, brutha. hey, just last week i posted about sitting in a cemetery to escape the strife and conflict at home.

NYD said...

Pink~ I may be better, but not nearly as popular.

IT's amazing. The power of a hug.

She has stopped throwing things at me.

Boxer~ The only fight I don't mind throwin.

Corn Dog~ You gals can lose yer temper and throw any number of hissy fits. Just allow us to love you again without grudges and don't forget the cuddles.

Then all will be well.

Lime~ Went over to your house and read the post.
A quiet place is sometimes hard to find. Lucky you got to share yours with some folks who didn't mess with you.

she said...

married life is a snarly wonderful thing. im in and out of love constantly. i ve been passionate, ive hated his guts, ive visualized hitting him with a bat....but fifteen years in i do adore and admire my best friend. we are competitors is someways. i feel for ya out in the car trying t figure it out. loved those photos.

i like solitude too. i bet its hard to find in japan!!
happy MM you elitist snob! grrrrrrrrherherhahahahaha!

Kurt said...

I find it's best to keep relationships fairly shallow so there isn't much to fight about. Works for me.

leelee said...

A few weekends ago after some discourse in the family unit..I got into my car and started driving northward..I really and truly wanted to run away from home.. I just felt like I didn't have anything left to say..and I was tired of trying to make myself understood. I felt at a loss.

As I was driving I was speaking into my handheld tape recorder...which I bought recently for no particular reason. I bitched, yelled, cried and vented into my little contraption. About an hour later..I felt exorcised enough to go home..I played it back and listened..it helped tremendously..I felt relieved and exhausted..in the end all worked out..as it must.

Those pictures of you...were exactlly how I felt..amazing!


PS: Go over to
The Big Leather Couch
for a treat today!

VE said...

I have concluded that you are much happier with pizza or a fruity beverage in your hand. Boy I astound myself!

Oh and I'd join you in your elistist snobbery but I'm far to elite for your brand of snobbery!

puerileuwaite said...

I'm not fond of Instant Noodles. And I view joining a Non-Conformists' Union as a subversive form of conformity. Perhaps I am too elite for everybody else.

I DO get a kick out of how, when someone does this meme, no matter HOW bizarre the quirk, you have someone claiming they have it too. Maybe this is how cults form.

NYD said...

She~ Thanks! Now I know what she was contemplating. Will have to keep the car keys away from her or next time she might just mow me down.

Kurt~ Even better. keep it purely physical then there is only wrasslin, not fightin.

Leelee. If you are in a relationship and you truly care about the other person then it is a certainty that frustration rancor and expletives will, every now and again, take controll of the situation. A good drive and rant is a perfect way to experience catharsis.

Already been to Bonds house...Awesome!

VE~The nail on the head, everytime!

Pug~ We shall gather ourselves to carve out a likeness of the Pug from cubic zirconia and there shall the misplaced and quirky frollic and writhe in passionate, yet sedentary manner all in praise of the One Pug.

One Pug to rule them all, one Pug to find them, one Pug to bring them all, and with his quirkiness, bind them.

The Grunt said...

I like sitting in my truck for hours because it has a better sound system in it than I have at home. I'm a elitist who's into slumming.

moi said...

Well, marriage is nothing if not a continual renegotiation of the original contract. With occasional throwing of objects. Only, now, I no longer throw. What can I say, I like my stuff. But I do have a couple twirly skirts so as to more effectively storm off in a huff. Hope all is well in your land once again!

Ming the Merciless said...

Interesting quirks!!

I hate memes too and NEVER participate in them. But I do love reading them. Guess I'm more of a voyeur than an exhibitionist. :-)