June 05, 2008

Professional confidentiality

I almost never talk about my students.
If I did I would feel like I am betraying a trust.
Sometimes there are things, bad things you just have to do; like telling a secret, cuz keeping it to yourself is much too selfish.

I really shouldn't talk about my students.
But some of the things they say are just to damned funny to believe.
Teachers everywhere experience and understand this everyday, yet are reluctant to reveal the truth only because it seems mean spirited to laugh at the uninformed or better yet misinformed

I really shouldn't talk about my students, but I will.
I will have to limit the discourse to the pupils under my charge at the university and not my language school, but I might just change my mind.

Here I am talking about my students and I don't feel one iota of remorse
The first thing you will have to understand is that for all their ignorance, university students are the smartest people in their age group.

If any of you out there speak a second language, or even a third I commend you. The fact that you are able to express your ideas in a foreign tongue is nothing lees than fabulous. Most English speaking people have never even attempted the foray into another language. Too bad, we might have learned to laugh at ourselves a little more .

Hold on. I can't talk about my students.
That would be wrong and extremely disrespectful.
You will just have to use your imagination and figure out the kind of silliness that occurs when people have to communicate with each other in a language they weren't born to.

I have plenty of problems getting people to understand me in my milk tongue. Trying to do do the same in Japanese has cased many a raucous moment.

Final exams are a few weeks away. I will post videos instead. They might be far more hilarious than anything I can write. Let people speak for themselves , I say


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Kurt said...

Back in the 90's, a teacher I knew asked his students to write about what they wanted to be when they grew up. One girl wrote "All that."

Mona said...

hey! Its your birthday?

Many happy returns of the day your eminence lord NYD erudite of fritterton on the marshes.

About the content of the this post : ( Rolls Eyes) ... TELL ME!!!

You hear them speakofy English in Hindi!!!

lime said...

this should be fun.....

The Grunt said...

This is going to be good.

Anonymous Boxer said...

awww come on! We won't tell.....

I actually respect your wish to remain professional and think you must have a very interesting job.

Serena Joy said...

Yeah, I want to hear it. With a little camouflage, the stories could be told.:)

It's your birthday? Happy, Happy!:-)

Corn Dog said...

Oh VIDEOS!!! (clapping hands) I speak Southern, English and dog. Dog was the hardest to learn. I learned it growing up on the farm and society begs me to forget it, but I won't. I practice it every day.

NYD said...

OK, I'm not a lawyer (thank god), a doctor or your priest so I guess I can spill the beans. I will do my best to truly capture the essence of English in Japan during the next week. Your patience is appreciated and will be rewarded.

Anon~ Birthday??? You might have me mixed up with some other sentient being. Try again in October.

Kurt~ Brevity in a paper is always appreciated. To be succinct and still be able to get your messege across is a fabulous talent.

Mona~One of my instructors is from India. He is a research scientist at the university that I work at and he peppers his speech with the most colorful and piquant verbiage I have ever heard.

Lime and Grunt~ I will do my best to put a stich in your sides.

You two ought to visit each other- you would enjoy the honest quirkiness that abounds at both your places.

Anon B~ I, like you, am self employed, but I work at the local university to reach students that wouldn't or can't take lessons at a language school.
Even though there are many things I'd rather do than work, when I am working I an one very happy individual!

SJ~ Hear it you will. Without any cosmetic cover up. These "kids"
will speak for themselves.

P.S. Don't believe everything you hear. I ain't blowin out any candles just yet.

Corn Dog~ Knowin Dog can get you out of a shitload of tough spots.
Make sure you stay fluent.

JGandolfini said...

Loved the way you put the priorities in order. You never spoke about anyone and yet you've said plenty. I'm sure your daily routine has it's most memorable moments and problems. Each day brings another memory that you can smile, shake your head and sigh. Enjoy each one as I have enjoyed each one of your moments when you write about them.

JGandolfini said...

Oh and my birthday is in August, wink wink.

Just a small reminder.

Pink said...

my french is pretty damn poor but my german is worse. I think the worst of all, however, is English, particularly after two pints ;)

looking forward to the vids you old tease!!

Ming the Merciless said...

When I started my blog, I decided I would NEVER talk about my coworkers, clients or family members. So the photo blog thing worked out really well because all I have to do it post a photo and talk about it. :-)