July 30, 2008

The brain is a whirling, gurggling pressurre cooker of ideas.

I am working on a thought.
Something that I have noticed and must do some thinking about before I write about it. That is if I write about it. I don't get a lot of time to myself these days. University finals are this week and I find myself caught up in a miasma of sorting through the incoherent utterances of my students.
I know, I know - they are but a mirror of their instructor. Uh, huh, go fug yerself!

I was also advised not to post any videos of the kiddies without receiving written permission, so I guess that you won't be seeing the fruitlessness of my labors. Not unless it is a laugh riot that is so good to be true that it is worth risking my employment at the school.

The rainy season was declared over last week by the national meteorological bureau and two days later we had a shitkicker of an earthquake - again!

You might remember me mentioning one just over a month ago.
Well since the rains are gone what kind of weather do you think we've been having? Yup Rain. Not your drizzle misty type of precipitation. We got floods all across the nation. People are being swept into rivers and thousands of homes have been abandoned. We got landslides and mudslides and all sorts of acts of God kinda stuff goin on.
Life is nothing but lively when Mother Nature kicks up her heels.

Hope things are quiet on your side of the puddle.



lime said...

i'd imagine it's hard to complete a thought when the earth is shaking and torrents are sweeping people and things away.

Grant said...

My J-pals in America constantly explain that everything is better in Japan, which is why they endure the hell that is immigration to stay in the U.S. Seriously, one told me today that many more people in America have asthma because we have more of a smoking problem. Next she'll tell me Georgia has too many earthquakes.

Anonymous said...

Great picture of the woman, where was it taken? Who ever created it has a knack with horticulture. Bravo. Good luck with exams, I'm sure they'll do great and prove what a wonderful instructor you are.

ciao for now


puerileuwaite said...

So is the green lady seeing anyone?

Kurt said...

Is the green lady in your neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

Nature is a force to be reckoned with, to be sure. No earthqukes where I am, we limit ourselves to tornados and floods.

Mona said...

Well if you ain't talking I ain't talking either


NYD said...

Lime~ It's neither the floods nor the fluctuations in the Earth's mantle. Rather, it is the endless fillibuster I recieve from the students I teach.

Children need their attention.

Grant~ Do you actually read my blatherings?

JBG~ Sheeet, girl. There's nuthin too it. That is an adult Chia pet!
Just stick it in yer garden and water the damned thang.

Oh, qand the students....Morons!

Pug~ Yeah she is. I'm growing a Chia-phallus for her.

Dare I presume that this visit is to encourage me to visit your place for theren is something new, pithy and original???

Kurt~ Actually I was thinking that she would go well with your Tiger lilly - I don't really know what the heck it is, plant - you are pimping in your garden.

Citizen~I once met a Texan who tried to lasso a tornado once.

Mona~ That's the spirit, baby! No words . Let's just strip everything off and get to business- A La Last Tango in Paris style- ZZZIIIIIPPPP!

Ming the Merciless said...

Oy vey, what are you rambling about?

BTW, how old are the kids in your class and what do you teach? ESL? Just curious!

Allan said...

Man, the clouds here look like earthquake weather...

NYD said...

Ming~ I teach at both a conversation school and at athe local university so I the ages of my students range from 3 to 70 (of course they are not all in the same clas)

The students I was referring to are my university pupils. I can sum up there efforts with one sentence-

I have had better convesations with a carrot.

Allen~ Funny you say that. I saw a TV show that discussed "earthquake clouds" Get that emergency kit together.

whimsical brainpan said...

Floods I've dealt with, earthquakes never. Just the thought of them freaks me out.

I love the Green Lady!

Mona said...


-- (

Don't you know that I am a Rakshosi with vampire teeth?

If you don't believe me, Ask Lime!

Meanwhile, be a good boy & please grace my blog with your esteemed presence & check my poem if you will...Professor...teacher...

The Grunt said...

Looks like Gojira is back to his old antics again, what with all the seismic activity. He must be feeling stompy.

moi said...

"You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink."

Sorry. My brain is so fried, I have decided I can only speak in platitudes for the rest of the week. Just be glad I didn't cuss.

Megan said...

The Green Lady is lovely.

Pink said...

here we have sunshine. its like armageddon all over... i mean how is sun in england even possible?


Enemy of the Republic said...

I always wanted to know what you taught but didn't want to ask--I don't know--it seemed rude.

Is that picture of that woman real? Wow.