July 26, 2008

Passing the buck-et

Once again I have been tagged. I guess it's because I was lurking too much and not leaving my opinions on a blog that places a great value on them. Maybe I am just an easy target.

I am supposed to elucidate and edify upon eight activities that I would like to participate in and experience before Atropos raises her obdurate shears and finishes off what Lachesis deemed to measure.

Before I expound upon that particular subject I would like to explain that there is, in my experience, no end to the "bucket list" for every new experience often breeds the desire to accomplish yet another act of stupidity or elegance. I reckon there must also be a "fuck it" list as well; for the things we have to do but would prefer not too.

I will just stick to what was requested of me for the time being and get to the other subject at a later date in the near future.
The very first thing that comes to mind is that I wish there were no need for such a list. By that I mean that I would love to enjoy the longevity of of a "Howard"; Lazarus Long to be exact. Now, since that remains a very high improbability, I will get to the task at hand and relate eight specific and singularly personal facts about what I want to do before I perish.

1. World travel: I have not seen nearly enough of this magnificent planet and I spend a part of each and every day thinking about the trips I would like to take and sights I would like to see. The Parthenon, Flavian Amphitheatre, Cheops' Pyramid, Angkor Watt, Ahmad Lahauri's stunning construction, Gaudi's Magnificence as well as rubbing shoulders with the people who live there.

2. Learn to play guitar:I would love to be able to create a full range of mesmerizing music from that instrument. Hard and soft. Sensuous and salty. Bright and rusty.

3. Open a cozy restaurant: I would love to create the perfect space for people to come and enjoy a meal. Live music and no hard alcohol.

4. Play Golf like it ought to be played at all the most beautiful courses.

5. See the results of my labor: As a teacher I am never certain if what I do has a positive effect on my pupils. I am unsure if I am doing it "right". I hope that one day I will feel that my effort has produced something good.

6.Recognition: We all want it in one form or another. The sound of applause directed at me would be wonderful. An ovation would be heaven.

7.Witness a miracle! I don't care what kind of miracle, but I think it would be cool to see God sticking a thumb into the pie.

8. Figure it out. I really wouldn't mind leaving this world if I could just get it all straight in my head and heart.


lime said...

of all the versions of this i have seen yours has the most philosophical bent. i like that ;)

Megan said...

Woodrow Wilson Smith ain't got nothin' on you, man. (Well, ok, yeah, he does, but still!)

Mona said...

NYD? waxing philosophical are we?

The wind seems to be blowing that way today...


Its exactly the way they used to be arranged on rows by the madmen who killed them & then chased me in my dream!!!!!


NYD said...

Thank you, Lime. I have only seen one so I will have to look for others.

Megan~ Mr. Long, and I guess that really means Mr. Heinlein just happens to be tha fictional persona that I most identify with.

Mona~ Waxing philosophical is a habit of mine, but if you wish I can wax Brazilian, just for you.

To all future readers/commentators: I was supposed to tag the same amount of people as the number of items in my list.
I just don't tag folks. This was fun and if you want to join in go right ahead. If you fear the inevitable than just stay on the sidelines.


Anonymous said...

After reading your bucket list, I found it, in theory that is, that anticipating an end of things shows that there is something more here than meets the eye. I do hope that things are well with you and that there isn't a turnaround in your health. A healthy person creating a list of "things that I want to do before it's too late" frightens the average joe to wonder if the end of the world(your blog) is at hand and losing such a philisophical mind such as yours would be a great loss. who would we read in this world of babbling fools that have nothing more to write about than their own blase life? The world is a confusing place and it's always nice to know there's one person that can simplify it in so many words.
Don't ever stop. Speaking for myself and not certain of the feelings and thoughts of others...I need you to be there.


Aunty Belle said...

Oh Sweet Puddin' this heah is a truly fine list---no, really really.

I wanna go wif ya'--on the looky-see of the world trip...I'd be charmed to have ya as a guide.

But wow, loved that ya wanna see if yore work hit the mark--an' jes' cause ya care about that, I'se pretty sure it does.

I wanna see God stick his thumb in the pie too--but, reckon I have seen that a time or two, but it never fails to astound me.

Pink said...

Consider this your standing ovation :)


whimsical brainpan said...

Great list.

I'm pretty sure I have experienced #7 and it just makes #8 all the more confusing.

The Grunt said...

Great list. I wanted to eat waffles with Marlon Brando before I died. Now I'm hoping that they have diners in heaven.

Mona said...

Nyd! No need to, I hate PAIN in any form... :)

Anonymous said...

The first half of your list seem like the sort of things you could only do if you had a Groundhog Day-like life - endless time and opportunity. And then you shift gears and move to the sort of thing the Oracle at Dlphi would say. All interpretable in a variety of ways so that they seem actually possible. But good luck with them all.

Kurt said...

Interesting choices. I'd like to HAVE a restaurant, just not RUN one. Maybe I could have a partner who takes care of all the business, and I could just hang around and schmooze.

The Troll said...

These were so good I stole one! I'm up too.

VE said...

The more you do of number one, the more it changes how you perceive every other one...

Carla said...

Yep, great list. Travel is big on mine too. Wish that were my occupation.

Ming the Merciless said...

Err...what kind of restaurant would it be? Sushi? Japanese fusion? All American diner?