July 22, 2008

Who needs the GhostBusters?

I am a 100% bona-fide, tie-dyed in the wool, super hero!
That's right! I am not joking.
I ought to get a pair of tights and some ridiculous footwear and go professional or at least see if I can join the local chapter of the union.

I am a super hero! There's no doubt about it. Not some kinda secret one either. The whole neighborhood knows about it. Men want to shake my hand and women want a lock of my hair. Children want to be like me and my when my wife talks about me, her eyes glisten in teary happiness and pride.

Some folks see me this way.

I am a super hero! Now I guess this is going to have to be explained for not everyone is prepared to accept that statement at face value. Not even my cat, Leonine, and she was witness to the entire episode.

Images are derived from a great amount of poetic licence

Are you ready? Do you have your popcorn and beverage?

I am a super hero!

And we'll see if you agree with me. Yesterday morning I woke up and was feeling like I did on almost any other morning, especially on a Monday morning. I didn't want to get up. I thought that sleeping in would have been the more comfortable of two evils and, but alas I had to take my beast to the vet, so I made my way through the murky morning routine and got my butt into gear and out of the house.

I am a super hero!

For while I was waiting for the light to turn green at the rather busy intersection at the bottom of the hill from where my residence is located, I spied a dachshund running willy nilly across the road and out into the middle of traffic!

I am a super hero!

Because without any thought for either Leonine's safety nor mine nor anyone else's, I ran that red light and Chased that dog down the road in my car. He (of course I knew it was a "he", I am a super hero! )Had crossed the center line and was rushing straight for a city bus - Girls hold on to your boyfriends here- With my horn blaring I drove up the wrong side of the road and got the bus to stop then before the dumb ass dog could go any further I blocked off traffic with my van and jumped out of the car.

I am a super hero! It's true! I was not hampered by the constant wailing of the feline in the passenger seat nor by any sensible thoughts that would run through a lesser man.

This is not the actual dog

I got the dog into a cul de sac and after an indeterminable moment I got my hands on the collar. After soothing the creatures frayed nerves I wrapped him up in a blanket (Super hero's are prepared for everything.) and drove both little lost doggie and noisy cat to the veterinarian. A little girl super hero caught up to me after I had already captured the pooch and her mother followed shortly thereafter. They were hampered by traffic laws that I decided to ignore.

This is just a picture I found on the Internetnot the real dog.

I am a super hero! Not because I saved that darned dogs life. But because that dumb-ass dog was blind! Literally!! The doctor knew who the owner was and contacted him right away. He'd been lost for a night and a day and when I met the owner it was all I could do not to use my super strength and knock him silly.

They ought to put up a statue of the pup.

I may not actually be a super hero, but yesterday, for a short time I felt like one.


Kurt said...

You have powers beyond mere mortal men.

puerileuwaite said...

Real Super Heroes never lie. Just admit that you've got an entire closet full of tights.

Allan said...

I was trying to convince Whim that superheroes are real and that they walk (and motor) amongst us...thanks for supporting what used to be a losing argument!
(I knew I was right)

Anonymous said...

With tears in my eyes and my heart beating beyond control I have to say I know one person who would be extremely proud of you...and it isn't her little suzie. I guess someone was watching over you as you ran the light and stopped the bus for that little weiner dog. Who also happened to have been the special favorite of someone else.


And the tights, not a good idea


NYD said...

Kurt~ And some women too!

Pug~ The tights are Halloween surplus and are used sparingly for auto erotic purposes, not super hero work.

Allan~ Glad to help out, pal.
That's what I was put on the earth to do.

J.G.~ Yeah I would have done it for any ol beast. But it was pure dumb luck that everything turned out ok.

And as for the tights. I use them to display my religious affiliation.

leelee said...


I never knew a real super hero..



Mr. Squirrel said...

We're watching you NYD.

lime said...

well you were a super hero to the lil blind wiener dog.

Anonymous said...

Wow, as if the stubby little legs weren't handicap enough without adding blindess!

But good on you for rescuing the dog!

Megan said...

Super Story!

Serena Joy said...

Awwww! You'd best get used to struttin' in the tights because you ARE a super hero. You saved a little blind weiner dog. That spells hero any day of the week in my book. What a wonderful story!

Grant said...

I am a super-villain! I have a lot of dark-colored clothing and the super ability to make women feel creeped-out when I try to make friendly conversation.

For every blind dog that you rescue, I will personally step on a chipmunk to maintan balance in the force. I'm already up to two chipmunks a day just to balance out my friends who went vegan. Fortunately Georgia has no shortage of those little over-hyped rodents.

The Grunt said...

Awesome, man! Just don't see if you can fly.

K9 said...

hooray! blind japanese weiner dog. hey, isnt that the name of a band? you did good you super hero you! bravo!!!

Mona said...
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Tazeen said...

awwww that was sweet