September 01, 2008

No. 9

Representing not only the birth date of John Lennon, Beethoven's most famous concerto and the the largest of the single digits. The ninth month of the year, September; don't let the name fool you we know that Septem is the Latin for seven and the prefix for things that are related to seven in English, but in about 150 BC some fool decided to tinker with things and September got bumped. No longer a month of a prime number, yet still full of ambition

Well that might be interesting, but it has abso- freaking -lutely nothing to do with what's bouncing around in my head.
During the month of August I believe that I accomplished a great deal; at least it felt that way.
I didn't make it to Spain to toss tomatoes in Bunol. Nor did I make it to Nevada to watch the Burning man. The Wall arch fell in Utah and I missed that too. Actually I ain't the only one that missed that, everyone did. Which brings up the philosophical question: If a rock formation collapses and nobody is there to hear it, would Presidential candidate Barack Obama try to use it to his benefit?
I apologise. That just doesn't make much sense.

Well, since I didn't do a lot of things in August. I also believe that I will not be doing a lot of things in September as well. For instance: I won't be going to Bismark North Dakota to join in with the big pow wow and I won't be in Austin, Texas for their mighty gathering and peace pipe smoking.

I am also not going to attend the Monterey Jazz festival. Herbie Hancock must have misplaced my address. Just like him to do something like that when I actually bought the single, Rockit and told all my friends to watch it on MTV.

The San Jose International Mariachi Festival will go on this year without me.
Linda Ronstadt (a world renowned Mariachi singer) and Los Lobos will have to perform without having me around to whip up the crowd into a tequila emboldened frenzy.

There are a lot of things I will not accomplish this month and a lot of places I won't be going. I don't really think that's going to bother me much, although the thought of missing Linda Ronstadt will cause me some anguish.

What will you fail to do this month and will it really bother you?

Anyone posting comments about achieving world peace or a new, clean energy source will be scoffed at and brow beaten.


Mona said...

how can it have anything abso-freaking-lutely to do with the thoughts that are bouncing in your head right now? We all know what impressions we made there...

So much nothing to do? Well that is nothing much. Vaise , you do not know where Life is going to take you, but of the things that I am sure I won't be doing next month one is shitting on the moon.

Missing Linda Ronstadt will cause you anguish too? I'm sure Gary is not going to miss her for anything. She has been his childhood sweetheart...

lime said...

i don't expect to find a cure for the common cold. it's doubtful i will complete a triathalon. i'm probably not going to crack the genetic code for labrador retrievers either. i'm really ok with all of that lack of accomplishment. i'll just be happy if i can manage to get my kids to the busstop on time each morning and not have to drive any of them to school for missing the bus.

Grant said...

I'm conserving my strength for October, which I like better. Also I'm collecting pictures of Ebi-chan, who I find even more sexy now that I learned she has a twin sister.

Anonymous said...

My oldest daughter was born on Oct9 but her due date was Sept24...

September has always been difficult for me and I have no idea why, its just,... depressing for some reason. Maybe its the switchover for seasonal affected disorder? Of course any season I am affectedly disordered, sooo......

But come the end of October, New Year's in my Faith (Samhain), well, Autumn has its charms for me then at least... (^_^)

puerileuwaite said...

Yet another example of a boneheaded VP (or above) making a decision that makes no sense whatsoever, along with a bunch of "yes" men enabling it. Screw that. On my calendar, July and September just got swapped.

The Grunt said...

I know one thing I hope not to be doing in September: chemotherapy. This is the big week.

Serena Joy said...

9 isn't really one of my lucky numbers -- which may in large part explain why in September I will fail to:
- collect my Nobel Peace Prize
- once again, write not one publishable word
- run away from home
- win the lottery
- be awarded a Ph.D.
- break through the language barrier with my dog
- declare my bank accounts so overflowing that I can retire

Maybe in October...

NYD said...

Mona~ What the hell does Vaise mean?

I for one am very sorry that you won't be adding your chutney to the lunar landscape. The image of it is so wondefully perverse.

Lime~ If you can manage to keep your children in line, on time and according to schedual for an entire month then the folks in Norway will have to create a special prize just for you.

Grant~ Ebi-chan has a twin?
That's like doublemint gum!

Jgrrl~ There is something to be said for disorder and disorderly conduct!
Your eldest and I share the same birth month.

Pug~ Will you be doing the same for August and October as well?

Grunt~ Good luck, bud! Stay Grunty!!

SJ~ You will be adored by all you loyal readers and that ought to more than make up for the shortcomings.

Aunty Belle said...

Huh?Sugar, I reckon youse got a case of wanderlust. Hope ya git to Spain.--It's worth it.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I keep my goals simple, so I always feel like I'm accomplishing something. Or maybe I'm really lazy?

xoxo out to The Grunt's September.

Mona said...

Really? I had no idea that you drew perverse pleasure from the image of women shitting! :D

Another fact to add to fact file ( Chuckles)

Vaise, the word vaise means 'By the way' in my language . ( so much economy no?)

moi said...

Thankfully, around here, September is chock fulla so much fun stuff, I don't have to worry about what I'm missing in other parts of the world. Although I will most likely not get my lily bulbs moved this year. Again.

Anonymous said...

Passing the idea that there's very little a person can do when they're not able to get someplace they wish they can be, there's always the internet that will give them the viewing. It's great to know that today you can record, download and upload everything so not to miss all the wonders in the world. I for one would love to receive recorded messages of friends from all over the world to know we're all still connected. A quick video hello and catch up comments and there you go, updated and rewarded with the knowledge that you're not forgotten.
Happy Trails

Megan said...

In September, I will probably continue failing to:

Renew my passport
Quit smoking
Pay my cable bill on time
Get oil changed in car
Blog about anything besides myself

These things bother me every month for about five minutes.

Kurt said...

We will talk about going to Egypt again, but we won't go. Because we suck.

You didn't miss anything with Burning Man. It's been lame for years.

NYD said...

Aunty~ The wandering I always want to to, but the lust, honey; now that just comes naturally to me.

Anon-B~ Sent your well wishes over to the Grunt. I am sure he will apppreciate them. I don't believe that lazy is listed anywhere in your CV.

Mona, sweets. I get perverse pleasure from almost everything. I'm a fairly sick bastard.

Moi~ There are people who do that sort of thing...The lilly bulbs.
I don't really dislike where I live, yet there are so many cool places to be that I wish I could take a little bit from all of them and create a utopia in which to reside.

Halvah~ On my piece of shit machine , I am lucky if I can stay connected to the internet.

I don't need trite messeges and jokey emails to stay connected with friends and family. I am connected.

Yet I do know what you mean when you want to hear someone's voice.
More often than not I just need to share the same space with someone. I don't need to babble or distract my self with useless blatherings which is quite ironic for that is exactly what I am doing now.

Meagan~ It's good and right that you have judiciously awarded yourself the appropriate amount of punishment. Anything more than five minutes would be considered self pitying.
Now get off your butt and renew the passport. Then throw a dart at the map of the world and travel!

P.S. If you happen to land in Japan, give me a ring, OK.

We don't suck. Life and the OPE magazine just get in the way and keep us busy.

Re Burning Man: I didn't really miss it. I believe that when most things become "hip" and turn commercial; it means that it's already lost whatever charm it had.

Anonymous said...

This month I will fail to let my birthday pass without a twinge at the awareness of the fleeting nature of time.

Mona said...

no, you are a hedonist...

Beth said...

I refuse to think about what I will fail to do this month - too disheartening. Like a child heading off to school, I still think of September as a month of new beginnings. I'm hoping...

Anndi said...

I'll probably forget to celebrate some holidays, like Fight Procrastination Day. But I'll get around to it next year.

Ming the Merciless said...

I won't be swimming with the snow monkey in a heated spring. Nor will I be tossing my hard earned money into the fountain in Rome.

But I did get a new (replacement) iPhone when the old one died after 3 months. And I did get to eat lobsters in Boston.

Life is good. ;-)

Mona said...

NYD, in India Showing thumb = showing middle finger

...Its a culture thing...

The Troll said...

I guess Ronstadt's career is on the upswing with a gig like that.

The Java Junkie said...

September is one of my favorite months - the leaves begin to turn, the weather becomes colder, and the desire to bake commences.

whimsical brainpan said...

"Anyone posting comments about achieving world peace or a new, clean energy source will be scoffed at and brow beaten."

Well I won't achieve either but I never do. It doesn't bother me though. My repeated failed plans to take over the world does.

Carla said...

Haven't quite mastered world domination yet...but getting there.