October 08, 2008

Anyone got a pony, a Shetland pony?

I want to start things off by giving everyone a great big thanks for responding to my request. I know that it is often troublesome to go the extra mile for a person and I really appreciate it. The avatars look amazing!
I Feel as if I have been away for a very long time. For the most part I have been doing the usual juggling trick we all strive to master.>Have you ever seen, read, or heard about something and you thought to yourself 'Damn, I wish I had thought of that'. That's how I felt this morning when I saw this: Naked Man.
I talk to many different people in the course of a week and hear all sorts of unusual stories. This doesn't count the blogs I read and the fun things you folks have to say. On the odd occasion I like to do silly quizzes, memes and just plain fool around. It's kinda like watchin one of the Die Hard movies. I just leave my brain on the shelf and let Hollywood and Bruce take me for a ride.
Are you ready? Buckle up because I am...

John Wayne

You scored 57% Tough, 19% Roguish, 24% Friendly, and 0% Charming!

You, my friend, are a man's man, the original true grit, one tough talking, swaggering son of a bitch. You're not a bad guy, on the contrary, you're the ultimate good guy, but you're one tough character, rough and tumble, ready for anything. You call the shots and go your own way, and if some screwy dame is willing to accept your terms, that's just fine by you. Otherwise, you'll just hit the open trail and stay true to yourself. You stand up for what you believe and can handle any situation, usually by rushing into the thick of the action. You're not polished and you're not overly warm, but you're a straight shooter and a real stand up guy. Co-stars include Lauren Bacall and Maureen O'Hara, tough broads who can take care of themselves.

I just can't believe that I am Marion Michael Morrison sure I like to walk around as if I am bow legged, but that is to attract women who have a similar affliction

I love to go swimmin with bow legged wimmin and swim between their legs, swim between their legs, swim between their legs...http://www.boingboing.net/2008/10/07/naked-man-from-spain.html

Now If the darned test had said I was Groucho that would have made me smile. Groucho would know what to do with this next lot: this is a list of words the Collins English Dictionary (I never heard of Collins, I use Oxford and Webster's.) wants to discard to make room for about 2,000 new entries.

Abstergent: Cleansing
Agrestic: Rural
Apodeictic: Unquestionably true by virtue of demonstration
Caducity: Perishableness
Caliginosity: Dimness
Compossible: Possible in coexistence with something else
Embrangle: To confuse
Exuviate: To shed
Fatidical: Prophetic
Fubsy: Squat
Griseous: Somewhat grey
Malison: A curse
Mansuetude: Gentleness
Muliebrity: The condition of being a woman
Niddering: Cowardly
Nitid: Bright
Olid: Foul-smelling
Oppugnant: Combative
Periapt: An amulet
Recrement: Refuse
Roborant: Tending to fortify
Skirr: A whirring sound, as of the wings of birds in flight
Vaticinate: Prophesy
Vilipend: To treat with contempt

I thought a paragraph containing all or most of these words would be just a hair left of overkill, so I will entreat you to utilise these nonclementure in your comments for this post. Good luck!

Now I got this one from Lime who got it from someone else and she did such a cool job on it that I just had to steal it. Come to think of it, recently I am often taking her memes and of course there are regulations that must be adhered to:

The rules: A) Go to Music Outfitters.
B) In the search function, enter the year you graduated from high school. Get the list of the 100 most popular songs of that year.
C) Bold face the songs you like, strike through the ones you hate, and underline or italicize your favorite.
D)Do nothing to those you don’t remember or don’t care about.
I will alter the rules to suit my particular peccadilloes.

1.Physical, Olivia Newton-John ACK! I can't believe this was #1
2.Eye Of The Tiger, Survivor Double puke! I am having Sylvester Stallone flashbacks. This is why Bush got to stay in the white house for eight years.

3.I Love Rock N' Roll, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts- This is a cool song!
4.Ebony And Ivory, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder Strike the whole damned thing. This was a year of sappy moral turpitude.
Centerfold, J. Geils Band- Yes! This was a good tune. No matter when I hear ot I will get completely jazzed.
6. Don't You Want Me, Human League- Passable fluff.
Jack And Diane, John Cougar- This one just does the job. The chorus is "real"
8. Hurts So Good, John Cougar
Abracadabra, Steve Miller Band- Anything by this man just rocks my world. I love all of his music
10. Hard To Say I'm Sorry, Chicago- blah
11. Tainted Love, Soft Cell- They were gay or possibly ghey.
12. Chariots Of Fire, Vangelis- what was it with this tune. Arrrgggghhh! made me want to scratch my ass.
14. Rosanna, Toto Crap!
15. I Can't Go For That, Daryl Hall and John Oates- OK I'm ghey, I liked this one, No can do...

What the fuck is this music? I don't recognize half of this crap!
19. Waiting For A Girl Like You, Foreigner- Best thing about Foreigner: Went to one of their concerts and saw Johnny Winter blow them away!!!!! Yeoooouch!

21. The Sweetest Thing, Juice Newton- What the fuck kind of name is that?
Always On My Mind, Willie Nelson Yeah, righteous!
Shake It Up, Cars- I actually liked the Cars a lot more than the Police during High School
25. We Got The Beat, Go-Go's- No, Nonononononononoonno! The damned hook is stuck in my head. Get It out!!!!
26. The Other Woman, Ray Parker Jr. Is this the guy who did Ghostbusters? I liked that one.
30. Who Can It Be Now?, Men At Work- This one grabbed me. And I will forever be embarrassed by the fact.

Did I take too much blotta this particular year and miss out on almost every hit tune???????

36. Leather And Lace, Stevie Nicks and Don Henley No way! These two did not team up.
40. Heat Of The Moment, Asia- Bad song listened to it anyway. (I am a big fan of Yes)
Private Eyes, Daryl Hall and John Oates. Like I said. I like these guys
47. Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me, Juice Newton This dope had two hits in one year?
Young Turks, Rod Stewart- He'd done much better, but this was passable
Freeze-frame, J. Geils Band- I just got rid of the hook the Go-Go's put in my head.
51. Do You Believe In Love, Huey Lewis and The News
56. Hooked On Classics, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra- Why does this sound familiar?
Wasted On The Way, Crosby, Stills and Nash- Not their best, but...
60. Personally, Karla Bonoff- Wait her name is Bone Off?
62. Blue Eyes, Elton John
63. Our Lips Are Sealed, Go-Go's- If their lips had been sealed, they never would have been signed.
I Ran, A Flock Of Seagulls- Um, Yeah, OK say whatever you want. I deserve it.
73. Don't Stop Beleivin', Journey- Shit, plain and simple

Crimson And Clover, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts- Awesome tune!
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Police- Addictive and goddamned cute when you are thinking about a girl you like.
81. I Keep Forgettin', Michael Mcdonald??? I must've forgotten
82. Get Down On It
, Kool and The Gang- Shut the fuck up! it's a good song.
84. Make A Move On Me, Olivia Newton-John-??? No thanks, skank.
88. (Oh) Pretty Woman, Van Halen- Absolutely a song that moves you. No matter who covers it.
89. Should I Do It, Pointer Sisters???
Hot In The City, Billy Idol- This guy can make insurance salesmen rock
Waiting On A Friend, Rolling Stones- An unbelievable tune. Why it is this far down on the list has me puzzled.
96. Working For The Weekend, Loverboy- Catchy tune but quickly forgettable.
98. Arthur's Theme, Christopher Cross- Oh how I hate this shitty tune
100. Edge Of Seventeen, Stevie Nicks- Hmmmm not good-not bad

I guess that this was a whole lotta meme stuff. If you actually read all of this you deserve an award. Go directly to someones blog and boos the one that tickles your fancy. I'll back up your story that you got it from me.

Note: This post has been edited for readability. There were so many songs that I didn't know that I just deleted them. They don't deserve space on my pages. At least the putrid got a rise out of me

I bid you adieu.


lime said...

you must have fatidical tendencies. i intended to use this very list as post fodder. for me to do so now would seem redundant and not compossible. i am tempted to bestow upon you a malison for robbing me of the opportunity to display such erudition on my own blog. such behavior is unlikely to be seen as roborant with respect to our friendship. since i so not wish to be seen as oppugnant i will exuviate my plans in all mansuetude.

may i add...the olid nature of music from the early 80s is most apodeictic as evidenced by this list. who displayed irredeemable calignosity by encouraging you to participate in this meme? oh wait, that would be me....*slips off in a niddering fashion...

Mona said...

yeah! All that lime said!

& another thing. If I start enlisting songs from my country, you would be nowhere!! hehehe

NYD said...

Lime~ From where I sit in agrestic surroundings on a day not overly nitid, but rather more accurately described as griseous. I contemplate the mansuetude and malison of muliebrity. The overly fusby males of this nation tend to villipend far too much. I feel this is quite niddering.

Do you agree?

P.S. Awwesome comment!

Mona~ If we started doing music from your country I would have to turn this blog over to my frien Jayappa, who, by the way, says he can provide me with the spices for the biryani!!!!

Megan said...

I wanted to find out if I was John Wayne but could not locate a link.

I'm all embrangled here.

NYD said...

Megan~ sorry about that. I don't rightly remember where I took the test, but if you skirr over to Google: Leading Man/Woman quiz you ought to come up with the right place.

Mona said...

YAAAY! three cheers for Jayaapa!

& YaaaaY! Three cheers for you to have gone spice hunting!

Vaise.. I am a spice girl :D

Kurt said...

Did I make an avatar? I can't tell.

Grant said...

Where are the bunnies?

The Troll said...

I was John Wayne too. Not surprising. I actually use "OLID" conversationally, so it must stay.

The rest can go.

NYD said...

Mona~ He is a great guy. Unfortunately I don't do posts of people who work for me.

Kurt~ Yes, I believe you did.

Grant~ Patience my friend. I only teach at the university three days a week. They will be putting out for you over the weekend. Get your kleenex or tube socks ready.

Allan said...

As Lemmy asked: "What's words worth?"

Mona said...

yeah, that is unfortunate. NYD if you really want to learn some good Indian cooking, just put the word vahchef in the youtube search engine. You will get some of the most practically viable and most delightful results from there. He is an amazing chef an ex five star hotel chief chef . his cuisine is very 'cookable' & wonderful to taste.

I rather like the pink & green text combination here!

Megan said...

Oh, and another thing. Waaaay too many question marks. I mean, what the heck were you up to?

moi said...

1. I totally see you as John Wayne.

2. You and I graduamated in the same year, I think. So . . . hack, cough, gah to the music (I was following Dead Kennedy's around in protest).

3. Dude, I'm a WRITER and I have no freakin' idea what half those words mean.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I want to take this test! Once I do, I shall report.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Couldn't find your quiz, but I found this on MySpace Quizzes:
Which Horror Movie Killer Are You?
Jason Voorhees

Report this image

You are Jason Voorhees. You seek one thing.... REVENGE! You don't care who gets in your way. When you kill you are always creative. You are strong and merciless. No wonder so many people are scared of you.
http://quiz.myyearbook.com/myspace/TelevisionMovies/37395/Which_Horror_Movie_Killer_Are_You.html Sorry, too lazy to hyperlink.

ThursdayNext said...

LOL...I was so glad Troll and Moi linked the tests...I turned out to be Myrna Loy!

Carla said...

Okay, I'm off to do that test now. Shall report back later.

leelee said...

I don't know why my avatar is a neck shot...wats up wit dat?

"get down on it...get down on it"

ok another ear worm...everytime I read these lists I get songs stuck inna me noggin..