October 04, 2008

They tell me it happens alla time

I honestly don't know where I get the titles of my posts.
That's not quite true. I have always had a fondness for stories where the title has nothing, or at the very least, little to do with the story.
That's kinda the way I feel about people, their names and especially the nom de plume of those in the blogexistance. This has been an unusual week at the school. The topic of names and what part they play in a persons life has continued and been evolving over the last couple of days. I am not to sure how deeply a name can affect a person's life unless they are given monikers that are historically infamous. I have even read stories about characters who have taken a name associated with ridicule and turned it into one of honour. So what is it about a name that evokes our passion or displeasure. What is the deal about nicknames? I Have had many different nicknames and most of them I didn't like. The one I have now appeals to me yet I wonder why I use it at all. There is very little possibility of any of the readers visiting me way out here in the very far east.

A couple of days or weeks ago I was tooling around the code of my blog trying to tweak some of the new things Blogger has to offer and clear up my readers list. well, I screwed up. I lost a lot of information, people, names, stories.
Blogger has this somewhat new gizmo that will let you follow me as I follow you. I don't like the word follow but I am willing to walk alongside you and be your friend. Do me a solid, will ya. I am a total blog whore and I want your avatars on my blog. I like seeing them there on my side bar and having your stories at my fingertips. Tell your friends, your coworkers. Tell anyone who will listen or don't say a goddamned thing and keep it all to yourself. Just let me see what you are up to and let me join in the fun.

See what I mean.



Grant said...

My xtian names basically mean I'm a fat psychopath. So that proves your name has nothing to do with how you turn out.

Megan said...

Man, I totally thought I had you on there already.

Well anyways I am following you now, just with no picture yet. I'm working on that...

Scary Monster said...


Mona said...

Arey Misplaced! Listen to me!
Names do have a lot to do with your destiny! But it is not just names, it is a combination of name , birth date, time & place of birth. That is numerology. Combine it with gemology & you may just strike gold.:D

Just kidding! :D

Mona said...

NYD , i wrote out the mutton biryani recipe for you

Kurt said...

I sort of have a rule to never change a single thing about my blog, so I don't think I'll be following anyone, but if I did, I would of course follow you.

Carla said...

Who wouldn't want to join in the fun? Fun is what we want. Is it going to be work?

ThursdayNext said...

I should do more with my blog but I have been doing the status quo since 05...I do need to make my follow list though. I love following your blog, NYD.

Scarlet said...

My blog name has a lot to do with my story...a story I'll never tell. ;)

Anonymous said...

My blog name comes from my desire not to be geographically bound. And more to the point, not ot be so locally visible.

I have google reader and "follow" my blogpals that way.

NYD said...

Grant~ I'm glad you are not psycho. I have been telling folks you are god-like and in desperate need of a cure for Yellow fever

Megan~ No picture? I thought you were bein artsy.

Scary Monster~ I guess I will have to keep you around.

Mona~ Thanks for the recipie! I don't have basmati rice and some of the spices will be hard to get, but I have a few friends from Egypt and Nepal here and I an sure they can help me out. Once I have made the Biryani, I will have a party in your honor.

Kurt~ That is a very good rule. Everytime I upgrade, tweak, replace or clean something that doesn't necessarily need anything done to it, I usually spend even more time trying to get the darned thing ack to the way it was before I toyed with it.

There must be a bit of Murphy or Catch 22 type of rule that explaines it without making me seem like a dolt.

Carla~ Around here we work hard at play and play hard at nothing at all.

Thursdaynext~ Thank you for the kind words.
I believe that you ought not change a thing. The quaintness of your blog both suits the stories of your prince charming and the wonderful quotes you supply us with at every post.

Scarlett~ Ahhhh, but you do allow us to imagine a lot with a name like Scarlett.

Citizen~ I like the way you think. For me,m having no boundries allows for an amazing amount of personal and intellectual freedom.
It's good to stretch out and feel the creative juices flow, ya!

Allan said...

I've been walking alongside for awhile...I'm not truly anonymous on blog though.

The Grunt said...

Ramalama Fa-Fa-Fa!

I'm not hip on the new stuff. Are you talking about how I have my sidebar set up, or is this something different?

Mona said...

Nyd, There are various ways of making biryani. You can always use biryani masala instead which you can get at any Indian spice shop, if you do not want to grind all that stuff( although I always make my own ,I owned a restaurant)

leelee said...

leelee = Lisa

My friends have called me leelee since, I don't know when..


lime said...

i like pondering names. i was very deliberate in the names i chose for my kids and even in the faux names i gave them for my blog. a name carries something with it and should be a thing that blesses rather than curses. my two cents for what it is worth.

i noticed you're following me, being kind of backwards techwise i need to figure out how to use this thing so i can reciprocate.

puerileuwaite said...

I never would have been forced to adopt my Pug persona if my real name wasn't Joe Hitler. I should change it to Adolf or something.

Serena said...

Names are important. Which is why I don't get some of the weird names people stick on their kids. You can often get a feel for a person's personality from his/her name. It's hard to do that with a Doktor or a Dweezel or an Apple.

Mona said...

how did some of your text go dirty pink?

I have stopped following you. I have come & sat here instead! :D