December 22, 2008

Sheeeeet! There's a great big world out here.

Look, I got to get this outta my head and be rid of it once and for all, so if you have lost your sense of humor or never had one in the first place then this is a good time to go visit a friend, psychologist or support group member.

I don't live in America.
For thousands of Blogger folks who don't either, this is an important point.
How many times must we be inundated with the American point of view only to be told that it was the only truth out there?
Truth is elusive. Nobody has been able to nail it down and describe it to me. Many have said they know it, yet it remains capricious for at another time and in a different circumstance one will be able to witness the fickleness it displays.

Right now President-Elect Barak Obama is the golden child of the press and for much of the American public. I find this somewhat disturbing because even though Sen. Obama soundly defeated Sen. McCain in electoral votes, he only garnered 53% of the popular vote, hardly the landslide victory the press would have us believe- seeing how he ran against an unpopular party, a doddering candidate whose foreign policy smacked of dangerous cold war ideologies and a running mate... well, I'll leave Sarah Palin out of this.

This is NOT sour grapes here, folks.
I like the fact that Barak Obama will be the Next president of the United States, but is it fair to call him the "Man of the Year" Winning an election is not a justified accomplishment. A presidential campaign is not won by a single warrior. Look up the word campaign. This election, like all of it's predecessors was won due to a combined effort of thousands of individuals.

Shall we determine this award by race? Has PEBO been awarded the title because of his ethnicity? That would be insulting to any intelligent human and, I believe, Barak Obama as well.
It is quite possible that even if the president-elect has demolished a racial barrier, he does not want to be known as a "black" president. Many people (not necessarily Americans) were hoping TIME would select someone that has actually contributed to society, world society instead of tossing it's integrity out the window in exchange for the ability to cash in on the entire farce. The list of potential candidates is not limited to Americans. Ought we appoint Michelle Obama Woman of the Year for becoming the First Lady? She too overcame considerable difficulties on the road to the white house.
Despite the premature actions of TIME, I do hope Obama graces the magazine's cover next year for exceptional leadership and statesmanship in these perilous times.
I also believe that Obama will do his very best to steer the great ship, America, on a true course, but to award him a title for something he has not yet accomplished is quite the same as putting the cart before the horse.


NYD said...

Hey there. I know I will probably take a lot of shit for this and recieve a few more idiotic emails, but I still believe that we can state our opinions without being abusive to people.
Work the idea, not the person behind it, OK?

NYD said...

Oh yeah.
Cheery Chanukah to all those playing with their dreidles!

Serena said...

I agree with you that it's much akin to putting the cart before the horse. Let's see what he accomplishes first, and THEN heap on the accolades if they're deserved. For the present, all he's done is win an election which, quite frankly, just about any Democratic candidate could have done this year.

Megan said...

Not disagreeing with you, but who would be your pick?

lime said...

you make some very good points.

personally, i have thought the whole idea of TIME's "MOTY" is a bit ridiculous no matter who they choose.

Kurt said...

Time's Man of the Year is not like the Nobel Prize - Time isn't as interested in picking the most appropriate person as it is in selling magazines.

Mona said...

No.1 where are 'they' sending you idiotic e mails? You have no addy listed
No.2 what is Chanuka?

They are making their money yaar! Let the media dogs have their

Grant said...

I see you are not down with the black man. Next post, be sure to include yourself wearing your best linen while burning a lower case letter "t".

Although maybe it was a lean year for impressive people. I still think they should have picked Ebi-chan.

TROLL said...

On Time "tossing it's integrity out the window" because it selected O'Bummer.

Train. Left. Station. Decades. Ago.

NYD said...

Serena~ Glad you get what AI am saying. There is a whole lot of work that needs to be done before we start givng each other attaboys.

Megan~ Good question and I'll answer it even though I don't work for time.
I believe that there are many brave men and women overseas who are making greater sacrifices than the Pres-elect. Now I am certain you are looking for specifics:Guy Ritchie for not only marrying Madonna and escaping alive- he also pocketed millions of dollars while doing so. That is a the true measure of a man.

NYD said...

Lime~ They have choosen some real doozies in the past, haven't they?

Kurt~ You are absolutely right. Yet isn't it the responsibility of news reporting to do their job with integrity? Yeah, I know, call me naive.

Mona~ I used to keep another blog and some of those folks still keep in touch.

Chanukah is a Jewish holiday.

NYD said...

Grant~ I think that Ebi chan could do a whole lot more fore me than Barak Obama. She gets my vote too.

Troll~ Are there any periodicals or nes agencies panning the guy?
Is anyone digging into his political past? He did rub elbows with alot of suspicious polititions.

Mona said...

Merry Christmas & Chanuka to NYD & Crispy & cat!

moi said...

Guy Ritchie for not only marrying Madonna and escaping alive- he also pocketed millions of dollars while doing so. That is a the true measure of a man..


Merry, merry to you and yours!

Boxer said...

Merry Christmas to you and your Family!!!

leelee said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah NYD..have a safe and happy holiday..


VE said...

And I appreciate there are people without a USA-centric mindframe. Having traveled a lot I think I appreciate it even more.

Merry Christmas too.

Corn Dog said...

You're not the only one saying this about Time. What has O'bama done? I dunno. We're going down the toilet here in California. It is repo land and people are exiting as quickly as possible. Oakland just passed Detroit as the most violent city in the nation. Perhaps I am unrealistic to think he might be the Man of the Year.