December 19, 2008

You have got to be kidding!

Can anybody explain to me how President-elect Obama became Time's Man of the year?

He hasn't done a fucking thing yet!
Get ready for more bread and circuses, America!


Mona said...

O yes I can explain...He did make Martin Luther's dream come true after all those years...

Wow! your hair ACTUALLY decided to grow again!~ Is it seasonal?

Megan said...

You're pretty cute.

Spin said...

Yup! you are a cutie!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Sigh...I simply can't "go there" without sounding like a frustrated follower of Jim Jones saying, "He wants us to drink WHAT???"


Merry Christmas :)



NYD said...

Mona, baby! Hope that things are well with you.
Not growing the hair back it's like a Chia pet. It just stays fuzzy.
That's an old pic. I was jetlagged and three sheets to the wind.

Megan~ I am more of a smart ass than a cutie. But I do have my moments.

Spin~ You trying to make me blush?

Mayden~ I hear ya.
He seems like a decent guy, but I am waiting to see where he decides to steer the ship.

Kurt said...

Last I checked, he ran a successful campaign for President of the United States.

moi said...

Oh, brother, he's a flippin' politician for crying out loud. And you know what that means to Moi: meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

puerileuwaite said...

Between the pic and the post, I'm starting to wonder if Jim Carrey may be been miscast as The Grinch.

NYD said...

Kurt~ Does that qualify him as "Man of the Year?" Don't get me wrong here. This is not an ad hominum attack on President-elect Obama.

Moi~ Yeah, well we are gonna have to give PEBO a chance. He's got some pretty big problems to tangle with. David vs. Goliath type stuff here.l

Pug~ Ouch. Many a truth is said in jest- ouch!

lime said...

oh honey, now that picture is quite the "morning after the night before" in such a painful way.

Ming the Merciless said...

I beg to differ!! Getting elected as the first black President of United States is deserving enough for the award.

I just pray that he has more common sense than the current one.

Mona said...

NYD (((HUGS)))

Hope you have a good Holiday season & a Merry Christmas!

sparringK9 said...

as an ad campaign the obama brand was a sales pitch and media manipulation of epic proportions. i agree more bread and circuses with laser light shows and wii hook ups free mortgages and a chick in every pot. pay no attention to the fact that he will continue much of the bush policies his peeps voted against! FISA. patriot 1 and 2. get ready Pakis! hunker down.

Merry Christmas! your present is waiting for you in my dog pen

Spin said...

You don't seem to me like the type who would blush easily. (-;
But hey, I say it like it is.....

The Grunt said...

Yeah, it's too early for this. But it is in our nature to build golden calves and worship them. Rolling Stone did a whole special issue on Obama. It's just weird to see people's lips so firmly planted on his ass before anything has been accomplished.

Carla said...

Yep, I quit trying to understand how to make sense of anything in the U.S. awhile back. I hope he lives up to the title.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pic, just wish I can get there to have one too. I agree and hope that the next 4 years aren't as it had been for the last 8, even though I have a feeling they will be worse than better. I expect bankruptcy all around for many major corporations that made their billions from Bush and his pals and with that, I can only pray that the IRS looks deeply into their finances and not the little peoples'. Great photo of you too pal.
always wishing you were here