April 03, 2009

Close encounter of the strangest kind

Even amongst the darkest of moments; fate can play her hand and provide you with a beacon of hope.

This sad lookin character is a pretty famous comedian here in Japan.
He showed up in Lilliput to do a TV special and I got a chance to do more than just meet him.

A couple of things have happened in the past few days to make me reconsider my attitude towards the dark funk that's been circling mt life.
The first was bumping into a real live funny person. His name is Nadagi Takeshi and I have seen him on TV more times tham I can count. He was doing some kind of street performance where he had to raise enough money to eat by doing impromptu comedic skits. Shortly after I arrived on the scene, he got stuck for ideas and was just standing there scratchin his head (literally)
trying to come up with something to do. That was when fate kicked me in the ass. I got on my bike and rode up to him while ringing my ridiculous little bell and making a whole heckuva lot of noise. I parodied one of his more popular skits and then for the next couple of minutes or so we just started joshing around in English and Japanese. Getting myself in front of people and makin them laugh wes just what I needed. I also got his autograph.
The following day a new teacher/ employee arrived at work and she also got me back on track and into my groove. New folks always need someone to show them the ropes and it was great to stop thinking about my miserable situation and start considering someone else's.
Not only is she charming she's got this cute little Holly Golightly English accent that just makes me want to go out and by a Rex Harrison Hat.
A sample of said Rex Harrison millinery.

Work is still overwhelming and life still knocks me around, but I have a good corner man and I am fairly certain I'll be able to make a good fight of it. I think for now it's time to take some of my own advice..

Take some time and look at the world around you- Amazing, isn't it?

The veiw from my school

One of the cameramen.

The previously mentioned autograph.


Megan said...

Loud applause for throwing yourself in comedy's lap like that! I never woulda had the guts.

And a big yes to taking your own advice. What a wonderful world this could be if everyone could take that time when they needed it.

Beth said...

When life provides you with the opportunities to go outside of yourself - be in the moment - and you recognize these opportunities and act upon them - you're able to leave the funk behind.
And those moments usually involve other people.

lime said...

ah, good stuff all. whether it was an ad lib bit during a brush with fame or the chance to guide someone who needed it, i am glad life threw some circumstances at you that shook you out of the misery. we all need that from time to time. the smart ones recognize those gifts when given ;) good on ya.

Kurt said...

I went to the famous centrally-located park here in my large American city and experienced the first real day of spring. Good times.

Allan said...

Comic relief in real-life! That's excellent.

Mona said...

Its strange how during recession comedians are becoming popular while in the more prosperous times tragedies are the fashion of the day..

The autograph is classic! Its almost art!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome encounter you had!

whimsical brainpan said...

I'm glad you took the opportunity to take a chance and have some fun in front of people.

Also happy to hear that you have gotten some of your groove back.

Serena said...

I think the cosmos always intervenes and gives us what we need just when we need it most. How wonderful that everything aligned just right to help you get your groove back, and in a way that so delighted you. May it continue.