April 06, 2009

Head in the sand

I often think that I am just a leeettle bit stupid.
I have to. I don't possess enough ego to allow me to believe that I know more than the entire world and all it's inhabitants.
Well, it's not really like that. What I'm tryin to say is, that if you reach the point where you feel that you just know more and can do more and have achieved more than the common shmoe sitting next to you and there is nothing left to learn- well you are dead!
I am getting tired of encountering people who know and understand everything better than I do, than everyone does.
It's tiresome and boooring.
I understand that, because I am a teacher, I feel the urge to impart knowledge to people, but if you really want to know the truth; I spend a lot more time listening to other folks espousing their ideas of the world rather than blabbering about my thoughts. It keeps me steady, balanced and in touch with the common folk.
Here on the net and especially in bloggovision it's nice to let your guard down and allow various ideas to slide into your thoughts and rattle around the old noggin for a couple of hours every now and again. It's just unfortunate to encounter the foolish know-it-alls who are more interested in their own popularity than any new or differentiating opinion. The same goes for my day to day encounters on the streets, pubs and cafes where I live.

The question, "Why do you Blog?" often comes up in roasts and memterviews and although I always read the answers, I never understand them.
Why do you Blog?
You could ask, why do you fart?
Or even better why do you fuck?
Getting your pipes cleaned is a basic human need. It doesn't matter which of the alimentary avenues it travels.
Getting my voice out, being heard receiving some kind of response to my day to day thoughts, allows me to continue with this ridiculous and occasionally tedious life that I lead.
Without the blog I would only be tiny and ineffectual. Thank god for the Internet!
I can share my most innermost thoughts with people I don't know, have never met and really don't care about. I can pretend to laugh at endeavors I wouldn't pay to see and concede importance to facts and issues I've never heard about before.

I would love to go on about the problems with the internet and blogs for at least another seven paragraphs and write some Haiku that Wouldn't be considered poetry by third year students in the worst of schools here, but I have to go shopping for some porn. Actually I am going to watch TV on the net and forget about all the hairy bullshit thats going on in the world.

Oh, by the way. North Korean missiles did not land on my head over the weekend , so I could publish this ridiculous post.


Beth said...

Blogging enables one to catch a glimpse into lives you’d otherwise never encounter – and allows you to share (crazy, ridiculous) thoughts with little or no negative backlash or criticism. All good.
Glad you dodged the missile. The world is indeed immersed in “hairy bullshit.”

puerileuwaite said...

I worried that this was the North Koreans finally attempting a pre-emptive strike on your blog.

Kurt said...

A lot of people know a lot of stuff - way more than me - but most of it is really boring.

Megan said...

Well, I care about you. So there.


lime said...

well, i am of the opinion that the best teachers learn as much from their students as is imparted.

i like that you're alert to others and their ideas.

oh, and glad the missiles didn't land on your head.

kcatwoman said...

if you feel you know enough, truth is, you dont really know everything

X. Dell said...

This is kind of a form without borders or limits. And so much of self-actualization seems to revolve around the need to say, "I existed."

Of course, farts and sex do kinda the same thing, but without all the writing and editing.